Allied Telesis 210 User Manual

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This guide is written to help get you up and running as quickly as possible using Telecom’s ADSL network.

This guide complements the ADSL Installation Guide supplied with the unit.

Contents inside the Box :

>AT-AR210ADSL Router

>ADSL telephone cable (RJ-11to BT)

>USB cable

>AT-AR210Installation Guide


The full product manual can be downloaded from:

Latest New Zealand Quick documentation and SW updates can be downloaded from:

A Default Settings for New Zealand




(by default, do not change)




(by default, do not change)


: PPP using PAP


Connenction Type

: PPPoA Routed

(by default, do not change)


: Vc-Mux

(by default, do not change)

DSL Configuration

: G.DMT/Multi

(by default, do not change)

B Preparation

Before you start, make sure your computer meets the minimum requirement


Computer Requirements :

>USB installed on your PC/MAC

>TCP/IP protocol is installed

Note :

-For USB connection type for standalone computers, you must install USB driver to get it done. The driver can be found on the enclosed CDROM.

Details from your ISP :

>Login name and password e.g.

>DNS server(s) ip address(s) e.g.


Connecting the AR210

For a step by step guide Refer to the Installation guide onPages 8-10 for a PC :

>Connect the telephone cable (provided) to the AR210 then connect the other end to the ADSL port that telecom has installed. Do not connect the ADSL Router through a Microfilter.

>Connect the USB (cable provided) to your PC’s USB port and the other end to the AR210.

D Setting up a Windows based PC

For a step by step guide of setting up a pc with USB please refer to the Installation guide onPages 8-13

Power on you computer.

Place the installation CD in theCD-ROMdrive.

Install shield will start and you will be prompted with the installation window.

Click next to proceed with installation.

Type your usernameand passwordfrom your ISP and press Next

The program will now install the files needed for the AR210 modem to work on your PC.

Select “Yes, I want to restart my computer now” and press Finish.

Please Reboot your computer before going online.

E Get Online

Double click the “shortcut to AR210” on your desktop. Type in thelogin name andpassword supplied from your ISP.

Press the Dial button.

The modem will now Authenticate, Register and

connect to your ISP.

You will see a icon appear in the bottom right that flashes as traffic goes through.

If you place your mouse pointer over the icon you can see the connection speed.

You are now connected to the Internet! Well Done.

F Trouble Shooting

1.Problem: Error 691.

Please check username and password. (contact your ISP).

2.No connection

Please check the phone cable supplied is connected to the DSL port supplied by telecom.

Please check that the USB cable supplied is plugged into the USB port on your PC and into the AR210.

Please check that the “PWR” and “ADSL” lights on the AR210 are lit up and steady.

Please check that there is a Green Triangle in the tray. Double click the Triangle to see the connection speed.

For more info please see the website for frequently asked questions, extra guides and more trouble shooting techniques.

G Help

Always check that the router is installed properly. Check the website for information and how to troubleshoot the router. If you have difficulties contact your reseller or distributor for technical assistance relating to warranties, installation and operation. They will escalate the problem through the appropriate channels.

Allied Telesyn Distributors are

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