Addonics Technologies AEMK35CB User Manual

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Model: AEMK35CB

Installation Guide

Drive activity LED

Desktop Card Drive readerEject Button Cardbus and PCMCIA

devices slot

Dual connector IDE ribbon cable

PCI Controller

1.Connect the other end of the dual connector IDE ribbon cable to the IDE connector on the Desktop Card Drive reader.

2.Connect one end of the dual connector IDE ribbon cable to the IDE connector on the PCI controller.

3.Plug-inthe PCI controller on a PCI bus slot.

4.Mount the Desktop Card Drive reader on a 3.5” drive bay. Using the screws provided, secure the reader to the drive bay.

Types of Bus Slots



Note: The AEMK35CB PCI controller connects to a PCI bus slot.

Product Features

Kit includes Card Drive, PCI controller and connecting cables

Card Drive Installs into standard 3.5" drive bay to be accessible from the front of the computer, just like a floppy drive!

Supports both 32-bitCardbus and16-bitPCMCIA devices

Compatible with any CardBus/ PCMCIA device such as Wireless Broadband cards, Wireless modem, Panasonic P2 card, ATA Flash, sound card, video capture card, Addonics family of CardBus adapters

Drive activity LED on Card drive

Simple plug and play, no drivers required

Compatible with Windows XP

RoHS Compliant


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