3J USB-P1K User Manual

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Notice: Don’t disconnect USB VoIP Phone when Linux is running, or else maybe keyboard will be disabled until restart.

SkypeMate For Linux (Fedora Core 3) & USB VoIP Phone


1.1 Summary

Plug the USB VoIP Phone into your computer’s USB port, you can make and receive skype calls. Phone rings for all incoming calls. Support call out by using contacts list or by keypad. With LCD, keypad and ringer, it is easy to use just like a mobile phone.

1.2 Features

1. With LCD, keypad and ringer, easy to use like mobile phone 2. Phone rings for all incoming calls, ring style selectable

3. Caller ID function of skype calls

4. Dial skype contact and Skypeout number by phone keypads 5. Echo cancellation, noise reduction, duplex communication 6. Driver and sound card built-in,no external power required

1.3 System Requirements

1.Fedora core 3(kernel 2.6.9)

2.KDE desktop

3.400MHz Pentium II or higher and free USB1.1 or USB2.0 port

4.256MB RAM and 15MB free disk space

5.Any broadband connection or minimum 33.6 Kbps dialup


SkypeMate For Linux (Fedora Core 3) & USB VoIP Phone

2 Using the USB VoIP Phone

2.1 Keypad Instruction

/: Left Tab /Right Tab

Press to scroll the Skype tab

/: Up/Down

Scroll to the contacts.

: Dial/Answer

Call out or Answer a call.

: Hang up

End talking or refuse incoming call.

C: Delete Key

Delete the inputted wrong number while dialing.

2.2 Run Skype

Download Skype software and install it (www.skype.com). The version must be1.1.0.13-fc3.i586or higher.

Run Skype and log in with skype account. You can create a Skype account as shown below:


SkypeMate For Linux (Fedora Core 3) & USB VoIP Phone

After software startup, the icon will appear to the system tray as shown below:

That indicates the Skype is successfully connected to Internet. If the icon is shown as, please check your Internet connection.

2.3 Connect USB VoIP Phone to your computer

When USB VoIP Phone is connected to your computer, the LCD shows "VOIP Phone".

2.4 Run SkypeMate

Insert SkypeMate installation CD or download SkypeMate software.

Install SkypeMate

Please login as "root". (Note:If not, please run: # su–),then run the following commands:

# chmod 700 install-SkypeMate#./install-SkypeMate

the following items will be shown:

i(I) == Install SkypeMate program. q(Q) == Exit install SkypeMate program. Please input your select:

Please input ‘i’ or ‘I’ to install SkypeMate, or input ‘q’ or ‘Q’ to end the installation.

At the end of the installation, the following picture will be shown, please use up, down, right and left key on PC’s keyboard to adjust the volume of USB VoIP Phone.


SkypeMate For Linux (Fedora Core 3) & USB VoIP Phone

Press the key of “Esc” to exit and save, then reboot your computer.

# reboot

Run SkypeMate

Double-clickthe link “SkypeMate” on the desktop which point to “/usr/bin/SkypeMate” or run command “SkypeMate”, the Skype program will pop up the window as shown below:

Select the option “Do not ask me again”, click “Yes” button.

Note: If you selected the wrong option, please reboot skype program.


SkypeMate For Linux (Fedora Core 3) & USB VoIP Phone

2.5 Select audio devices

Select “SkypeÆ toolsÆOptionsÆHand/HeadsetsÆAudio devicesÆCalls” as shown below:

Please select the audio device whose serial number is the maximal, if no voice while talking with others, please try other ones.

2.6 Call Skype user from skype contacts

Press(IN) and(OUT) to scroll the Contacts tab.

Pressandto select a contact.Pressto call out.

2.7 Call to regular phone

Press "0"+"country number"+"phone number", then press. Example: call someone in Beijing, China, please press 0861012345678, and

then press .









country code

city code

destination number

Note: If you want to use this function, you should buy SkypeOut Credit from www.skype.com first.

2.8 Answer a call

When a call comes in, the USB VoIP Phone will ring. Press to answer the call, or pressto refuse the call.


SkypeMate For Linux (Fedora Core 3) & USB VoIP Phone

2.9 Notes

1.Don’t pull out USB VoIP Phone, otherwise the keyboard of PC may be invalid. If have such problem, please reboot your computer.

2.Skype will pop up the window as shown below if the number inputted is invalid, please click “OK” button to close it.

3. Adjust the volume of USB VoIP Phone

If you want to change the volume of the USB Voip Phone, please login as root firstly, then run the following commands:

# alsamixer –cn (n = 1,2,3,4,…)

# alsactl store

The window mentioned at 2.4 Run SkypeMate will be shown again. Please use up, down, right and left key of PC’s keyboard to change the volume, then press the key of “Esc” to exit and save.