3J USB-B2K User Manual

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1. Instruction

1.1 Summary

USB Adaptor is analog telephone adaptor with one USB interface to PC, 1 FXS for regular phone and 1FXO for PSTN call relays. All cordless phones and regular phones can be used to make and receive Skype call. Phone can be used to make regular call at the same time. Phone rings for all incoming skype and PSTN calls.

Skype or PSTN calls is switched by pressing phone key(*).

1.2 Features

1.Supporting DECT, 2.4G, 900M and any other wireless phones

2.Make/Receive both Skype calls and regular PSTN calls

3.Auto-detectionandauto-switchingto Skype or PSTN calls

4.Phone rings for all incoming Skype and PSTN calls

5.Skype or PSTN calls switched by pressing phone key(*)

6.Using the phone keypads to dial.

1.3 System Requirements

1.Macintosh computer with G3, G4 or G5 processor

2.Mac OS X v10.3

3.Free USB1.1 or USB2.0 port

4.128MB RAM and 20MB free disk space

5.Any broadband connection or minimum 33.6 Kbps dialup


1.4 Package Contents

1.One USB Adaptor

2.One USB Cable

3.One Telephone Line

4.One User Manual

5.One Installation CD

2. Connect USB Adaptor to PC

Connect to PC’s USB port

Connect to PSTN line

Connect to phone

(1)Connect USB Adaptor to PC, POWER indicator will be on.

(2)Plug PSTN line in "LINE" port.

(3)Connect Phone to "TEL” port.

3. USB Adaptor Installation

3.1 Install the Skype Software

Note: If you have previously installed the Skype software, proceed to3.2

Download Skype software and install it (www.skype.com). The version must be or higher.

Create a Skype account following theon-screeninstructions.

3.2 Install SkypeMate Software

Download SkypeMate software and install it.

Double click the SkypeMate icon on the desktop, you will be prompted that another program wants to use Skype. SelectAllow this program to use Skype and click OK.

3.3 Channel Switch

You can press * to switch between USB and PSTN.



4. Basic Function

4.1 Call another Skype user (PC to PC)

Rename your contacts begin with digit number, for example, 11, 12, and so on. It shows as above.

Press “11” on the normal phone, and press “#”, the first contact begins with “11” will be called out.

e.g.: If you want call the contact “bbc456”, you just need to press “11” on the normal phone, and press “#” to call out.


4.2 Call to regular phone

Pressing "00"+"country number"+"phone number"+"#" can start the SkypeOut.

Example: call to China, beijing, press 00861012345678, then

press “#”.









country code

city code

destination number

Note: If you want to use this function, you should buy SkypeOut Credit first.

4.3 Make calls through PSTN (Phone to Phone)

Check the PSTN indicator is on, then press the wanted phone number, and press “#” to call out. If the PSTN indicator is off, press “*” key to make it on.

Example: call to China beijing 00861012345678

Operation: Input the number 00861012345678, then press “#” to call out.

4.4 Answer a call

When a call comes in, the phone will be ringing. Pick up handset or press handfree key to answer the call.


5. FAQ

Problem 1

I can’t hear other party or other party can’t hear me while in talking?


Go to “Skype->Preferences->Audio”,setAudio output and

Audio input to USB Audio Device, it shows as below:

Problem 2

There is no voice comes out when play music?


Go to “System Preferences->Sound”,set theOutput andInput sound device to yourBuilt-in Audio, it shows as below:

Problem 3

I can’t play music through the USB Adaptor?


Go to “System Preferences->Sound”,set theOutput andInput sound device toUSB Audio Device. Off hook, press * to switch to USB channel, press any key to cancel the dial tone.

Make sue you didn’t mute the Output volume.

USB Adaptor Ver.1.0