Zhone Technologies IPD 12000E User Manual


IPD 12000E Broadband Loop Carrier (BLC)


uniform airflow capacity

DSL the Easy Way™ provides true 'Plug & Play', loop-bonded operation with no configuration required

High density system with 12 line card slots (up to 576 lines / chassis or 1,152 lines per 7' rack)

High bandwidth, full duplex 16-GigE uplink and 24-GigE backplane capacities

Supports T1, E1, ADSL2+, SHDSL/SHDSL.bis, and Active Ethernet, hot-swappable, access modules with loop

bonding capabilities

Video Ready, High-capacity Ethernet-based Modular Multi-Service Broadband Loop Carrier for large scale Central Office DSL deployments

based rings

Zhone's IPD12000E Broadband Loop Carrier (BLC) provides a high capacity, native IP Ethernet platform for the feature rich multi-service access multiplexer modules in the IPD family.

Metro Ethernet Forum

The IPD12000E is engineered for efficient, high-speed IP data transport in a compact, fault-tolerant chassis. Supporting high-density Active Ethernet, ADSL2+, SHDSL, extended-rate SHDSL.bis, and T1/E1 access modules, the Ethernet-based IPD12000E is the optimal line

aggregation platform(MEFfor today's 9/14)advanced IP-basedCertifiedaccess networks. Incumbents,for Competitive Operators, and Internet Service Providers are able to cost-effectively offer the full range of today's advanced IP-based services, such as high-speed broadband Internet and IP video. Most importantly, these services can be delivered over a pure IP network without a dependency on ATM.

The IPD12000E featuresEVPLa high capacityandbackplane,E-LANdeliveringServicesup to 2 Gbps throughput to each of the 12 access slots, and up to 16 Gbps upstream from a pair of Broadband Services Switch 8000 uplink cards. Dual 50-pin, RJ-21 connectors are provided for every slot so that the chassis can support higher port density modules in any access slot. High port density modules include a 48-port ADSL2+, a 48-port SHDSL.bis, and 24-port, 4-wire T1 and E1 modules. For mission-critical, high speed data applications, the IPD12000E offers survivable network topologies by means of Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching (EAPS) rings and BSX8000 uplink card-level redundancy options.

Managing all of theseNewhigh-speed(optional)services could not be simplerenhancedwith the availability of a full range of local and remote management options, including an integrated Web GUI, SNMP, and Command Line Interface (CLI). All of the Access Modules offer simple, 'Plug & Play' operation, with the system configuring each port automatically and without intervention. When more sophisticated bandwidth management functionality is desired, the IPD supports Zhone's complete Multi-media Traffic Management (MTM) feature set, giving system

operators the abilityfanto prioritizetraytraffic basedwithon DSCP,moreIP address ranges,robust,MAC address ranges, and VLAN ranges. Rate limiting features and 802.1p priority also ensure that specific applications are given appropriate priority and bandwidth allocation throughout the system, while marking packets for appropriate VLAN and QoS management by upstream network devices.

The IPD12000E supportsfaultup to twotolerantBSX8000-5 (BroadbandcontrollerSwitch Modules ) uplink cards, each operating in simplex mode or a pair of BSX8000-5R cards operating in redundant mode. Each BSX8000 switch card supports four (4) Gigabit uplink ports, and has provisions

for an optional MIM (Micro Interface Module), allowing the IPD to integrate easily into a variety of network designs. A variety of MIM types are available, including: 10/100 Ethernet; 100 Mbps fiber; 2 x T1/E1; 4 x T1/E1; and either 2- or 4- Gigabit Ethernet ports using either copper or fiberdesignSmall Form FactorandPluggablegreatermodules. / more

For installation flexibility, the IPD12000E is only 9-rack units high, and has removable mounting brackets that can be placed in increments of 1.45” up to 9.28” from the front of the chassis, allowing for multiple installation options in either 19" or 23" equipment racks.

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