Zhone Technologies 6412-A1-xxx User Manual


ADSL2+ 4Port Modem


Auto-connect feature will automatically detect the first usable PVC and automatically detect PPPoE, PPPoA, and Bridge Protocol(with DHCP Server available)

Configurable as either a Bridge or Router

IGMP v1/v2 support for video deployments

Filter traffic based on Destination or Source IP Address and MAC Addresses

Traffic Class Rules based on Protocol, Source IP, Source Port, Destination IP, Destination Port, 802.1p

DSL DELT support

Configured through easy-to-use web interface

ADSL2+ 4 Port Switch Bridge/Router

The Zhone 6412-A1 ADSL 2/2+ 4 Port Ethernet Bridge/Router uses Conexant Viking II-Plus Chipset solution that fully complies with ANSI T1.413 Issue 2, ITU-T G.992.1 (G.dmt) and G.992.2 (G.lite) ADSL standard. Zhone 6412-A1 also provides higher data transmission rates with ADSL2, ADSL2+, and Extended Reach-ADSL support. This next generation ADSL will provide up to 12Mbps speed with an additional 600 feet reach for ADSL2; and up to 27Mbps speed with distance up to 5,000 feet for ADSL2+ Support. In addition, with ADSL2+ Annex M support, upstream rate will be improved to up to 3Mbps.

Targeted at the residential users, it is for both single user using Bridge mode with host based PPPoE Client and multi-users utilizing the 6412-A1 inbuilt PPPoE/A, IP routing, NAT functionality to share the ADSL link.

It comes with the Packet Filtering firewall and DMZ support for a full security options against malicious hackers. With Universal Plug and Play support, home networking becomes a breeze for everyone in the family. Multi Port Range/Popular Application Forwarding makes it even easier to select which application you want your network to allow while ensuring your security at the same time.

With DSL Home support for auto-provisioning through TR-069 for WAN management and TR-064 for LAN management, the 6412-A1 is an ideal platform for a scalable managed solution for Telco deployment of advance services.

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