Zhone Technologies 6382-A1-xxx User Manual


ADSL2+/ReachDSL 4 Port Switch Modem


Revolutionary combination of standards based ADSL and ReachDSL on a single platform

DELT - Dual Ended Loop Testing

Automatically selects technology with best performance - ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, or ReachDSL 2.2

Speeds beyond 24 Mbps using ADSL2+

Compatible with all DSLAMs providing standard ADSL, ADSL2, and ADSL2+

Integrated telephone filter

Bridge and router configurations

ADSL2+/ReachDSL 4 Port Switch Bridge/Router

With Zhone's innovative, easy to use ADSL2+/R CPE family, service providers can provide ADSL2+ service and ReachDSL service in the same unit, ensuring coverage to the entire subscriber base.

The Zhone 6300 enhanced CPE are easily user-installed. The embedded web-based user interface is designed to simplify ADSL deployment. All products provide an Ethernet connection that is auto-sensing, eliminating the worry about connection cable type (straight-through vs crossover). All units include a built in POTS filter that eliminates the expense of an external filter as well as reduces installation errors.

The 6300 enhanced CPE all default to a simple bridge. This and other default settings make for a quick and easy installation that doesn't require any configuration.

When operating in router mode, these gateways support DHCP Server/Relay/Client, NAPT, as well as RIP, dynamic routing, port forwarding, static routing, and ping initiation. For security, firewall functions including PAP/CHAP and Packet Filtering are supported.

In addition, all of the CPE that make up the 6300 family support DELT, or Dual End Loop Test. Because DELT is a dual-ended test, it requires equipment that supports the DELT feature at both ends of the copper loop.

DELT is primarily used for reactive tests on a loop after a modem has been deployed—either to help troubleshoot a line or to capture a baseline of loop characteristics at the time of installation.

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