Zhone Technologies 1752-A1-XXX User Manual

Zhone Technologies 1752-A1-XXX User Manual

2 & 4 Router W/ Ext Rate Bonded SHDSL

1752-A1-XXX, 1754-A1-XXX

Provides up to 16Mbps service to the customer premises

Supports bonding of 4 pairs for higher bandwidths

Supports operation as a CPE or operation in a point-to-point configuration

Bandwidths as high as 5.7Mbps on a single pair using SHDSL

Full featured router/switch for use in small - medium business locations

Interoperable with products supporting G.991.2-2001 and G.991.2-2003

Bonded G.SHDSL Router, Speeds up to 5.7 MB

The Zhone 1752/1754 SHDSL Router is an ideal device for support of DSL termination for both home offices and small to medium businesses. It offers a rich set of features that provide high performance, easy local and remote management, and outstanding LAN and WAN networking flexibility.

In addition the 1752 and 1754 support the latest in SHDSL standards G.991.2-2003 with Extended Rate support. This means service providers can now deploy a symmetric service with bandwidth as high as 5.7Mbps on a single pair and as high as 16mbps using 4 pairs. The 1752 and 1754 CPE interoperates with Zhones 8820 and also the BitStorm 2600 and 4200IP 1U DSLAMs providing multiple central office options for service providers to use along with a full featured router for the customer premises. In addition to operating as a CPE the 1752 and 1754 can also operate in a back to back mode. This provides service providers the ability to deploy a service with bandwidth as high as 16Mbps in a point-to-point configuration. For instance, the point-to-point configuration enables cost effective service across a campus or for in small deployment location where a larger 1U or chassis central office product is not appropriate.

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