ZETTLER AZ693, AZ692 Datasheet

Isolation spacing greater than 8mm Dielectric strength 4000 Vrms coil to contact Approvals/Standards include UL, CSA,VDE, IEC, CEE, SEMKO Single pole – Forms A, B and C available 10A switching Life expectancy to 30 million operations Epoxy sealed version for automatic wave soldering and cleaning UL file E44211 ; CSA file LR85091 ; VDE 4120-4940-4002/A1
Arrangement SPDT (1 Form C)
SPST (1 Form A and 1 Form B ) Ratings Resistive load:
Max switching power : 300W or 2500VA Max switched current : 10A ; 64A for 2m s Max switched voltage : 150* VDC or 380VAC UL Rating 10A at 24VDC or 115VAC
0.25HP 120VAC motor load 10A at 250VAC B300 pilot duty
must be taken. Please consult the factory.
Material Silver cadmium oxide Resistance <30 milliohms initially
(at rated current, voltage drop method)
* If switching voltage is greater than 30VDC, special precautions
Power At Pickup Voltage S tandard coil 337mW
(typical) Sensitive coil 234mW Max Continuous 1.9W at 20°C ambient
Dissipation 1.4W at 40°C ambient
Temperature Rise Standard 40°C at nominal coil voltage
Sensitive 26°C at nominal coil voltage
Max Temperature 110°C
Life Expectancy Minimum operations Mechanical 30 million operations Electrical 1x10
Operate Time (typical) 6ms at nominal c oi l voltage Release Time (typical) 2ms at nomi nal coil voltage
(with no coil suppression)
Dielectric Strength 4000 Vrms coil to c ont act (at sea level for 1 min) 1000 Vrms between open contacts
Insulation Resistance 10,000 megohms m i n at 500VDC, 20°C,
50% RH
Dropout Greater than 10% of nominal coil voltage Ambient Temperature At nominal coil voltage
Operating Standard -55°C to 70C
Sensitive -55°C to 80C
Storage Both -55°C to 110C Vibration 0.062” DA at 10 – 55 Hz Shock 20g Enclosure PBT Polyester Terminals Tinned copper alloy, PC Weight 17 grammes
at 10A, 30VDC or 115VAC
2x105 at 8A, 250VAC
1. All values at 20°C
2. Relay may pull in with less than ‘Must Operate’ value
3. PCB layout viewed towards terminals
4. Specifications subject to change without notice
5. Unsealed relays should not be dip cleaned
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