Yetter 2570-594 Wheel Assembly and Lubrication of Bearing Assembly User Manual




Practice Safety

Understand and practice safe service procedures before doing work. Follow ALL the operating, maintenance and safety information in the equipment operator manual. Clear the area of bystanders, especially small children, when performing any maintenance or adjustments. Keep work area clean and dry. Use adequate lighting for the job. Use only tools, jacks and hoists of sufficient capacity for the job.

Never lubricate, service, or adjust machine while it is moving. Keep hands, feet, and clothing from power-driven moving and rotating parts. Disengage all power and operate controls to relieve pressure. Lower equipment to the ground and stop the engine. Remove the key. Wait for all moving parts to stop before servicing, adjusting, repairing or unplugging.

Securely support any machine elements with blocks or safety stands that must be raised for service work.

Keep all parts in good condition and properly installed. Fix damaged equipment immediately. Replace worn or broken parts. Remove any buildup of grease, oil, or debris.

Make sure all guards are in place and properly secured when maintenance work is completed.



NOTE: Be certain to align the grease fitting with the slot in the wheel and the hubcap so that the grease can flow freely.

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