Yellow Jacket 93540, 93560, 93580 Product Specs

Yellow Jacket 93540, 93560, 93580 Product Specs


SUPEREVAC4, 6, 8 CFM Vacuum Pumps

Top to bottom, right to the last detail...



Updated housing is balanced and lighter weight

for easy carrying.

Larger fins for cooler running.

so you pull more, pull fast, and pull for years without a problem


pump pulls a vacuum down to 15 microns and better, eliminating contaminants that could cause system failure and no-charge call-backs. The smaller the micron number, the better the vacuum and the higher your productivity.

Pull fast. Every pump pulls a vacuum fast, giving you more time for more calls.

Pull for years. Each all-metal pump is engineered for the long run in the field. No plastic to crack or fall off. Heavy-duty steel handle screws into the housing for secure carrying. Durable base assembly provides stability and height.

Designed inside and out for PULLING power and reliability

High-efficiency 2-stage rotary vane design produces a deep vacuum field rating of 15 microns and lower.

Precisely machined and fitted parts with running clearances of less than .001" generate a very deep vacuum.

Exclusive built-in vacuum gauge shows evacuation progress down to the green 29" to 30" range when it’s time to use an electronic gauge for more precise readings in the low-micron range.

Large intake fittings (1/2" and 1/4") for maximized flow.

Hardened cap screws keep pumping module components tightly together.

Hardened drive shaft and large bearing provide long life.

Intake filter screen keeps damaging particles out of the pump.

Heavy-duty, high torque 1/2 HP, 1725 RPM motor reliably starts the pump when cold.

Improved drive coupling transmits consistent power from the motor.

Designed for OILING ease and reliability

Large diameter oil fill port for easy filling and less mess (also threaded for exhausting outside through a garden hose).

Large reservoir to reduce operating temperatures and dilute more contaminants.

Large sight glass for easy monitoring of oil levels.

Large brass oil drain plug for easy access.

Ball valve to isolate system and to change oil without losing vacuum in the system.

Internal intake check valve helps prevent oil back-up during power failure.

Gas ballast valve keeps oil cleaner longer.

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