Yellow Jacket 93530, 93533 Product Specs

Yellow Jacket 93530, 93533 Product Specs


SuperEvacVacuum Pump

for Ammonia and NH3 Systems


2) Gas ballast valve (see below)

Heavy duty metal handle. Permanently attached to pump body. Built-in hook hole.

1) Male pipe pump intake (see below)

Heavy duty high torque motor for cold weather starting.

Longer heat dissipation fins for a cooler running unit.

High resiliency foot pads for added stability and skid resistance.

Lower operating temperature to improve efficiency and vacuum.

Pump exhaust also doubles as oil fill port. Use YELLOW JACKET oil for assurance of a clean, fast job.

Wide-view sight glass for easier Monitoring of oil level.

Oil drain valve for quick draining and convenient access.

1.Male pipe pump intake. Large hose suggested for maximum pull down.

2.Gas ballast valve helps remove moisture and other condensable vapors that have been drawn into the pump as a result of evacuation. Opening the ballast allows fresh air to enter the pumping chamber and keep vapors from combining with the oil. Vapors escape harmlessly through the

exhaust valve. If combined with oil, vapors can turn the oil milky white and lower pump performance below specifications.

To operate ballast, turn the valve counterclockwise one full turn after evacuation starts. As the vacuum reading reaches 1000-2000 microns, close the ballast to achieve a deeper vacuum.








60 Hz


30.8 lbs. (14.0 kg)








50 Hz*


32.5 lbs. (14.7 kg)






The Design of the SuperEvac™

The SuperEvac Pump is a 2-stage rotary vane design (at right) that increases efficiency and speeds pump down to 15 microns.

The pump lowers the internal pressure of a refrigeration system until moisture boils into a vapor. As the moisture is vaporized, it is evacuated by the pump, helping dehydrate the system. Most technicians try to achieve between 250 and 1000 microns.

During new system set-up, protective caps are removed admitting moisture and air into system components. If air – a non-condensable – remains in the system, it collects on the high side reducing system efficiency. This causes a rise in head pressure. The discharge valve gets hotter than normal and organic solids form causing compressor failure.

Moisture in the system can form ice which closes off openings in expansion valves and cap tubes, and prevent adequate cooling.

Ultimately moisture and air can produce acids and sludge which could cause in-warranty failures.

A vacuum pump "pulls" air and moisture out of the system before the system is damaged. The higher and more complete the vacuum, the more moisture is removed. That's why your SuperEvac pump is specifically engineered for high vacuums of 50 microns and better.

First stage exhausts into the intake of the second stage similar to two single stage pumps connected together.

*The 93533 is factory wired for 230V. It can also be configured for 115Vac. Remove the motor switch plate and make connections as shown on the motor label.

Warranty: If found defective, we will either replace or repair at our option products within two years of factory shipment. Warranty does

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