Yellow Jacket 69336, 69337, 69338, 69339, 69354 Manual

Yellow Jacket 69336, 69337, 69338, 69339, 69354 Manual


ACCUPROBEUV and ACCUPROBEII Refrigerant Leak Detector with Heated Sensor

Instruction and Operation Manual

Models 69336, 69337, 69338, 69339 and 69354

Made in U.S.A.


The YELLOW JACKET® AccuProbeUV and AccuProbeII Hand-held Leak Detectors detect all HCFC refrigerants such as R-22 and R-124. The ultra-sensitive long life sensor with Solid Electrolyte Sensor Technology also detects the more current, difficult-to-detect refrigerants such as R-134a, R-1234yf, R-404A, R-407C and R-410A (see page 7

for a more complete chart of detectable refrigerants).

The ACCUPROBE UV is equipped with the unique digital SmartAlarmLED display – the first digital leak size indicator in a handheld heated sensor leak detector. This feature takes the guesswork out of whether or not to repair a small leak. Unlike the more traditional LED bar graphs that copy or mimic the audio alarm signal, the SmartAlarm digital leak size indicator measures, registers and displays the leak size independently from both the audio alarm and the sensitivity level.

The ACCUPROBE UV also features a 3 LED UV light system that works with 395-415nm wavelength leak tracing dyes. The sleek, ergonomic design of these YELLOW JACKET leak detectors makes them easy to use in close areas and extendable into hard-to-reach areas.

When finding leaks, it is important to note that the AccuProbe responds to changes in concentration of refrigerant. For this reason, the detector will stop alarming even though it is held at or near the source of the leak and will not alarm again until the detector senses a change in concentration. To verify the exact location of the source of the leak, always move the probe away from the area of the leak briefly to allow the sensor to reset at a lower concentration, and then bring it back again until the exact location of the leak source has been verified.


Advanced digital SmartAlarm™ leak size indicator (AccuProbe UV)

Flashing visual alarm indicator at probe end (AccuProbe UV)

Audio mute button (AccuProbe UV)

Operates on 4 AA alkaline batteries (AccuProbe UV can also use AC power)

3 LED UV light system that works with

395-415nm wavelength leak tracing dyes (AccuProbe UV)

Microcontroller technology

Ultra-high sensitivity to detect leaks as small as 0.06 oz (1.7g)/yr. of R-134a/ R-1234yf and 0.03 oz (0.9g)/yr. of R-22. See insert sheet for certified ratings.

Automatic calibration and reset to ambient

Detects HFC, HCFC, CFC and HFO refrigerants (see page 7)

Long life stable sensor utilizing Solid Electrolyte Sensor technology

3 selectable sensitivity level settings

Sleek ergonomic design

Low battery indicator

Temp Range 24° to 125°F (-4° to + 52°C)

Humidity 0 to 95% RH noncondensing

CE Marked

True mechanical pump


Parts and Controls







Alarm speaker

Digital SmartAlarm


Low battery indicator








Sensitivity level indicators






Sensitivity adjust/select




Power ON/OFF






Audio mute


Power ON/OFF









Heated sensor











Flashing LED


A/C adapter jack








Flexible probe






AccuProbe UV

AccuProbe UV

AccuProbe II


Battery Installation

AccuProbe UV

1.Loosen battery door screw located on the bottom of the detector and remove door.

2.Install 4 AA alkaline batteries observing the proper battery polarity as labeled

inside the battery compartment and shown above.

3.Reinstall the battery door and tighten the screw.

AccuProbe II

1.Loosen screw located at rear end of unit and pull down hinged battery door to open as shown.

2.Always insert all four batteries with the proper polarity.


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