Yellow Jacket 69341 Manual

Yellow Jacket 69341 Manual


H2 Tracer Gas Leak Detector

Model 69341

Detects 5% H2 in 95% Nitrogen Tracer Gas

Operations Manual


The YELLOW JACKET H2 Hand-held Leak Detector features a long life, solid-state heated sensor technology that is designed to detect H2/Nitrogen Tracer Gas mixture

The H2 Leak Detector does not require rechargeable batteries. When used with the H2/Nitrogen Tracer Gas mixture, the H2 Leak Detector will detect leak rates less than 5 ppm. This complies with standards EN35422 and EN14624. The Tracer Gas mixture complies with Article 6, Paragraph 3 of EU Directive 2006/40/EC.


H2 sensitivity <5 ppm

Long life, stable sensor

Low battery indicator

Automatic calibration and reset



to ambient

CE Certified


3 adjustable sensitivity levels

18 month warranty


True mechanical pump

Made in USA


Uses 4 AA alkaline batteries


H2 Leak Detector Control Panel

Low battery indicator

Low Battery

Sensitivity level indicator



Power On/Off

Operating Instructions

1.TURN ON: Press the ON/OFF button once to turn on and again to turn off. NOTE: Hold button down for approximately 1 second to turn unit off.

2.WARM UP: The detector automatically starts heating the sensor. During the heating cycle, the detector will sound a slow “beep”. Warm up is usually less than 20 seconds.

3.READY: The detector is ready to begin searching for leaks when the the green Norm sensitivity LED turns on and the audio “beep” increases in frequency.



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