Yamato Scientific BU300 Low Constant Temperature Water Bath User Manual


Low temperature constant bath



Version 1.1

zThank you very much for purchasing the product of Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd..

zRead this operating manual and the guarantee card thoroughly for the proper use of this product. Please keep both importantly after reading.

Warning : Before attempting to use the product, read the important warnings that appear in the text of this manual and get familiar with them.

Attention____________________________________________________________________ 1 Merit _______________________________________________________________________ 2

BU200 and BU300 have following merits ____________________________________________2

Please observe the following rules _____________________________________________ 3

Installation _______________________________________________________________________3

When using _______________________________________________________________________4

Name of each part and function _______________________________________________ 6

BU200 ___________________________________________________________________________6

BU300 ____________________________________________________________________________7

Preparation and confirmation before using _____________________________________ 8 Method of operation __________________________________________________________ 9

BU200 ____________________________________________________________________________9

BU300 ___________________________________________________________________________10

Method of maintenance______________________________________________________ 11 After-sales service and guarantee ____________________________________________ 13 Specification table __________________________________________________________ 14 Chart of connecting wires____________________________________________________ 15 Exchange part table_________________________________________________________ 16


For the important warnings, the following symbols are used depending on the level and content of danger.


For personal accident prevention

Failure to observe them may result in bodily harm and severe accidents according to circumstances.


For damage prevention of product

Failure to observe them or to correct trouble may damage the product itself or samples. In addition, information on performance and mis-operation, which is useful for operation and maintenance.



BU200 and BU300 have following merits

1.CFC-Free refrigeration system

2.Featuring earth leakage circuit-breaker

3.Building up optimized heating/cooling system by combining with appropriate immersion temperature control device.

4.This machine has the service outlet. It is possible to use this outlet as a power supply of Immersion temperature control device. (applicable to BU200 only)

5.By the optional putting stand, test tube racks can be used. (applicable to BU200 only)


Please observe the following rules



1. Please take the earth

Please take the earth to avoid the electric shock hazard by the leak.

In case of outlet with ground at use

When you use the outlet of the dipoles type

Please insert the power supply plug in the

The optional earth adapter is inserted in the

ground outlet.

power supply plug. Please connect the power


supply plug with the outlet after confirming the

Ground outlet

polarity on the outlet side.


Dipoles type outlet

Power supply plug


In case of no earth terminal

Earth wire

In this case, the special construction is needed. Please consult the dealer or our company sales office.

2. Please confirm the voltage and capacity of power supply.

Electric capacity :

• BU200 AC100V 4A (when the service outlet is used 15A)

BU300 AC100V 8A


1.Please note the installation place

Please do not set up especially in the following places.

Place where flammable gas and corroded gas are generated

Place where surrounding temperature becomes 35° C or more

Place where surrounding temperature becomes 35° C or more

Place where temperature difference is violent

Place where a lot of moistures exists

Place where direct sunshine strikes

Place where vibration is received

Place where ventilation is bad

(Please set up with separating at least 10 cm or more from the wall)

Please set up in a strong and horizontal place. Otherwise, the refrigerator might break down. Please turn the caster stopper on after setting up. (applicable to BU300 only)


When using


1.Do not sprinkle water on the main body

When water splashes to the electrical component, the leak and the electric shock are caused. Water must not splash to the operation panel and the power supply switch. Please turn off the power supply on the building side when water lies by any chance. And, please wipe water off. The danger of the leak and the electric shock grows when leaving as it is.


1.Do not operate without immersion temperature control device

Sure to combine with a immersion temperature

control device. The temperature of the liquid goes down and it is impossible to keep a constant temperature when using without immersion temperature control device.

2.Turn the power of the refrigerator off

Please turn the switch of the refrigerator off when a set point of immersion temperature control device exceeds room temperature +5° C.


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