Xyron 1200, 850 User Manual

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Xyron Adhesive Application &

Laminating System

User's Guide XYRON® 850

XYRON® 1200

The Xyron 850 / Xyron 1200 is designed to be used with one of the following replacement cartridges:

SL/DL: Doubleand single sided lamination.

LAT: Front lamination with adhesive transfer on the reverse. AT: Single - sided adhesive transfer.

Please follow the attached directions carefully.

Important Notice :

Your Xyron 850 / Xyron 1200 system is designed to permanently attach a clear film or adhesive to the front and/or back of any substrate that is run through the machine. The lamination film and adhesive are not designed to be removed without substantial damage to the laminated substrate. This process is NOT recommended for any precious or single source documents.

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