XtremeMac Airplay Boost User Manual

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User Manual

“Music is a higher revelation than philosophy.”

ludwig van beethoven


Thank you for choosing XtremeMac’s AirPlay Boost. AirPlay Boost is an FM transmitter designed to work seamlessly with your iPod. The external antenna helps “boost” the transmission signal. With the on-screen display and three simple buttons, you can play music from your iPod clearly and wirelessly on any FM stereo.


Step 1 – Tune your FM stereo

Find a station that has only static – no talk or music. If you can’t find a station with only

static, tune to one that has the most amount of static and the least amount of talk or music.

Step 2 – Connect AirPlay Boost to your iPod

Simply plug it into the dock connector on the bottom of your iPod.

Step 3 – Tune AirPlay Boost

Once you connect AirPlay Boost to your iPod, it will automatically go into tune mode. Use the buttons on the bottom of AirPlay Boost to tune to the same frequency as the one on your

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