Xpelair WHP245, WA245, WHP210, WA210, Digitemp User Manual

Xpelair WHP245, WA245, WHP210, WA210, Digitemp User Manual




all in ONE solution

Digitemp for superior climate control

The all-in-one solution for Heating, Cooling and Dehumidifying

Most people have experienced the benefits of climate control in the car or at work. Your customers can now enjoy this comfort at home too with Digitemp.

Installing climate control, an advanced form of air conditioning can bring a sense of comfort and style to a home, fulfilling the expectations of modern family life.

Superior Climate Control

By providing precise control of temperature, humidity and airflow the Digitemp climate control solution can dramatically reduce the effects of asthma allergies and other chest disorders.

Digitemp can contribute towards a good night’s sleep by eliminating many of the irritations caused by an uncomfortable climate and poor air quality. By keeping windows closed in summer, security is improved and external noise is significantly reduced.

Digitemp is the new range of revolutionary climate control solutions from Xpelair. An innovative "all-in-one" design, Digitemp requires no external condenser or pipe work usually associated with air conditioning systems.

Operated using an infrared remote control, Digitemp provides a very flexible approach to air temperature control with the facility to automatically cool, dehumidify and heat air by means of efficient air-to-air reverse heat technology. For added flexibility, the stylish "slimline" wall mounted units can be installed at high or low level to maximise floor space.

The benefits of a system that

doesn't require an unsightly

condenser are clear.






No need for planning permission to install

Ideal for use in apartments and multi-storey locations due to cost effective installation

Potentially suitable for installation in listed buildings

Only external evidence are two discreet grilles

No unsightly condenser to tarnish the external façade of the building

Designed for low cost installation, Digitemp is easy to fit by an installer requiring only two holes to an external wall. A patented folding grille system means it can be installed entirely from inside the property making it ideal for use in private dwellings, apartments and multi-storey locations.

key benefits

νAvailable as an ‘all-in-one’ air conditioning and heating unit in two sizes - 2.1kW and 2.45kW*

νAlso available as a cooling only air conditioning unit in two sizes - 2.1kW and 2.45kW

νAll-in-one’ models can operate in cooling, dehumidification or heating modes to maximise comfort

νEasy installation from within the room - patented folding grille system eliminates the need for external access

νThe electronic control system includes infrared remote control night function and automatic operation

νCan be installed at high or low level for maximum flexibility & usable space

νEconomic and efficient, Digitemp operates combining low power consumption when cooling with a high efficiency heating capacity

νDigitemp uses a three speed fan including night mode for super-quiet operation

νFactory sealed refrigerant system eliminates the need to connect hoses

νSelf-diagnostic programme for all maintenance requirements

ν2 year warranty

* kW ratings are for cooling mode only. Heating capacity for the 2.1kW and 2.45kW are 1.9kW and

2.03kW respectively.

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