Xoro HNS 2200 User Manual

HNS2200 Quick Start Guide
I. Preparation
1. Install HDD
2. Connect the HNS2200 to Power and to a router , power on and press “format” button at back of the device to format
the HDD with the exFAT format.
3. HNS2200 is ready to be used .
II. Registration
First, search and open the setting page of HNS2200
Method 1
1. Install JAVA running environment on the computer Newest Java software is available from http://www.java.com/
2. After JAVA running environment installed, search HNS2200 with SDisk.jar and connect to HNS2200.HNS2200 and
computer must be in the same network. SDisk.jar is available from http://www.xoro.de/downloads/home-nas
Method 2
1. Open the configuration page of the router on local computer.The default IP of the router is and
generally visible at its back.
2. Then you can see all the connected devices and IP addresses on the configuration page.
3. Input the IP address of HNS2200 ( in the address bar of web browser and input User Name: admin
and password : admin . The HNS2200 setting page will be opened as below. Only disable DHCP Server.
Second, User Registration
Go to the setting page—network—DDNS, Create a free account with the wwnav.com (service provider ) and register
your preferred name.
Remark: change the URL on network-Service Port.The default URL may have conflict with the router
How to use HNS200 functions——
HNS2200 local network((SMB Server))))
Input HNS2200 IP address (\\ ) in local address bar
Available on both local network and WAN.
Connect the Computer to HNS2200 and then you can copy and delete files
How to visit HNS2200 throuth Internet((WEBDAV Server))On your PC
1. Open the setting page, go to Network-DDNS user registration page and find out the registered name.
2. Input
www.wwnav.com in the address bar of the explorergo to webdav page, visit the device carrying your
username. (xoronas) .
+ 5 hidden pages