X4 Tech Mobile DVD player with digital television reception Instruction manual

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X4 Tech Mobile DVD player with digital television reception Instruction manual

Mobile DVD player with digital television reception

Instruction manual

Table of contents


Chapter 1

Intended use



Channel information



Explanation of symbols



Teletext (TTX)






Electronic program guide (EPG)


Chapter 2

Safety information



Automatic program schedule



Copyright information






Before use


Chapter 8



Chapter 3



Chapter 9

Audio CDs


Chapter 4

The device


Chapter 10

Data discs, USB flash drives and memory cards



The DVD player






Remote control


Chapter 11

First time installation



Changing/Inserting batteries






Rechargeable battery


Chapter 12

Sound settings



Information on handling batteries/rechargeable batteries








Chapter 13

Display settings


Chapter 5







Power supply


Chapter 14

Menu overview






DVD setup






DVB-T menu






System setting



USB connection








Chapter 15

Information on CDs and DVDs


Chapter 6

Basic operation






Turning on/off


Chapter 16




Selecting a signal source








Chapter 17

Maintenance, handling and cleaning


Chapter 7







Channel scan


Chapter 18


25Channel selection

26Channel edit







Dear customer,

thank you for deciding on purchasing this quality product from X4-TECH.

This instruction manual will give you a general idea of how this device operates, as well as provide you with information on cleaning and safety procedures. Please take a few minutes to read and follow all safety and operating instructions found in this manual carefully, in order to maintain this products condition and ensure safe operation. Retain this instruction manual for future reference and where required pass it along with the device if handed over to a third party.

Should you have any additional questions regarding this device or should any suggestions arise, please contract a specialized dealer or our service team for further information.

We look forward to you recommending us to others and hope you enjoy using this device from X4-TECH.

Your X4-TECH Team

All company and product names mentioned in this document are registered trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

We assume no liability for damage occurred as a result of improper use or damage resulting from the failure to comply with the safety instructions found in this manual, improper operation or handling! Under such circumstances, all claims under warranty will become void. We assume no liability for consequential damage!

We reserve the right to alter specifications and information contained in this manual without notice.

This product is EMV-certified and fulfils all European and National guideline requirements. A declaration of CE conformity has been established for this product. Certification has been documented and entrusted to the manufacturer.

Intended use



The TITAN DT9 is a mobile device intended for DVB-T television reception. The integrated DVD drive can be used to play film, audio and data discs. You can use the USB connection to read data stored on USB flash drives and with the help of the included adapter will be able to play memory cards as well.

Please adhere to all of the safety information/instructions found in this instruction manual!

Explanation of symbols

An exclamation mark is intended to inform the user of important information, operation or maintenance instructions or that special attention is required.

This symbol is intended to alert you to the presence of unprotected, live parts or components found within the product’s enclosure or of dangerous connections that upon contact may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock. Cables intended for such connections should only be connected by qualified personnel or you should only use ready to connect cables. There are no user-serviceable parts found inside the device, therefore the device is never to be opened


Chapter 1 Intended use





Safety information



Dear customer,

the following safety and hazard warnings are not only for the protection of your device, but also serve as a protection against potential health hazards. Please take time to read the following instructions carefully.

› We assume no liability for personal or property damage resulting from the failure to comply with the safety instructions, improper operation and handling. Under such circumstances, all claims under warranty will become void.

For safety and licensing (CE) reasons any unauthorized modification and/or change on the device is prohibited and will void the warranty and all warranty claims.

Any persons operating, installing, setting up, or servicing this device must be trained and qualified accordingly and must also observe these operating instructions.

Ensure that the device has been set up accordingly by following all instructions found in the instruction manual.

Power supply cords should be routed so that they are not likely to be walked on, pinched by items placed upon or against them or damaged by sharp edges, paying particular attention to cords at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point at which they exit from the device. Avoid exposing the cable to extreme heat or cold. Never modify/change the cable. This could otherwise damage the cable and result in the dangerous risk of electric shock.

Should any evident damage be seen on the device or on the connection cables, do not come in contact with or touch these. Switch off the corresponding circuit breaker in the power distribution panel first before carefully unplugging the power plug from the wall outlet. Do not operate this device further! Please contact or take it to a qualified service technician/specialty workshop.

In order to completely cut off the power supply to the device, unplug the power plug from the wall outlet. Merely turning the device off with the ON/OFF button is not sufficient enough. Make sure that receptacles are easily accessible.

Always pull on the plug’s grips and never on the cable to remove from a power outlet.

Unplug the device from the power outlet, if it is not in use for a longer period of time.

For safety reasons, always unplug the device from the power outlet during thunderstorms.

Eliminate potential tripping hazards by routing cables in such a way that no one can trip or stumble over them.

Never use the device if the power cable or device is damaged.

This device is not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Small children are unaware of the serious and immediate dangers involved when exposing themselves to or handling electronic devices. Furthermore, this product contains small parts that could be swallowed.


Chapter 2 Safety information

Chapter 2 Safety information






Never leave packaging material lying around unsupervised. For children it could become a hazardous toy and lead to serious injury. Keep packaging and protective foil away from children at all times to a void the danger of suffocation.

The device should never come in contact with water or moisture.

To prevent the risk of fire or electric shock make sure that liquids, such as dripping or splashing water, rain or moisture, do not come in contact with the device and power supply plug.

Operate this device in a moderate climate and never expose to extreme temperatures, such as high humidity.

Condensation can build up suddenly when this device is brought from a colder into a warmer area (e.g. when transporting). Should this happen, allow the device to warm up to room temperature first before using.

Care should be taken that liquids do not come in contact with the interior; this is why containers containing liquids, e.g. bucket, vase or plants should never be placed anywhere near or on this device. This can not only damage the device, but also become a fire hazard.

It is imperative to avoid contact with moisture, e.g. in the bathroom.

Never touch the power plug with damp or wet hands. There is the risk of electric shock!

Make sure the device is placed on a firm and stable surface.

Make sure the device is properly ventilated during operation and never operate it in constricted areas, such as for example in a bookcase or shelf.

Never block ventilation openings with magazines, tablecloths, curtains or similar.

Never place any sources of fire on top of or near the device and power supply plug (e.g. lighted candle).

This device utilizes a laser system. Please operate this device accordingly and as subsequently described in the instruction manual. Never stare directly into the laser beam and prevent direct exposure to the laser beam. Never open the casing. Doing so imminently exposes visual contact to the laser beam.

Your full concentration and attention is required while driving in traffic (as well as in many other surroundings). Operating the device, listening to music with earphones/headphones or watching a movie can divert one’s attention and be just as distracting, as using your cell phone while driving. In case of an accident, insurance coverage might be denied and you could be partially blamed for the accident respectively!

Please note that excessive sound pressure levels created when listening to loud volume levels with earphones or headphones can lead to permanent hearing damage or loss.

Please adhere to the additional safety information found in the individual chapters of this instruction manual.


Chapter 2 Safety information

Chapter 2 Safety information






› When connecting other devices, please refer to the safety and operating instructions found in the literature accompanying these devices.

Please contact our technical hotline or a service technician for further information, should you be in doubt about device operation, safety or when making connections or if any questions arise that are not explained within this manual.

Contribute to a better environment by using a designated disposal system (e.g. Dual System in Germany) or recycling site for the disposal of packaging material.

Copyright information

The reproduction, duplication and copying of copyright protected material, as well as the distribution, circulation, public access to or even the rental of these, without explicit authorization of the copyright holder, is strictly prohibited.

This device features a copy protection function developed by Macrovision. Some CDs contain a copy protection function on them. A signal and/or picture noise can be heard as soon as pictures from copy protected CDs have been misused, either for recording or playback. This copy protection function is registered and protected by method claims of certain American Patents and other intellectual property rights owned by Macrovision Corporation and other rights owners. Macrovision Corporation is the copyright holder of this copy protection, as well as other commercial copyright holders.

Permission for utilization of this copy protection technology must be exclusively authorized by Macrovision Corporation. This device has been intended for pri-

vate use at home or other limited viewing uses only, unless otherwise authorized by Macrovision Corporation. The imitation or removal of the copy protection is prohibited.

Before use

Please read this instruction manual thoroughly before operating this device and retain it for further reference, questions and use. Following and heeding all information found in this instruction manual shall maintain this products condition and ensure safe operation.

This instruction manual contains information on how to operate and maintain this device. Should a component require maintenance, servicing or repairs, then please consult a qualified dealer or service technician.

When connecting other devices, please refer to the safety and operating instructions found in the literature accompanying these devices.


Chapter 2 Safety information

Chapter 2 Safety information









Mobile DVB-T reception

USB compatible connection

640 RGB (H) x 234 (V)

Supports MP3 and WMA music files

Supports MPEG1, MPEG2, VCD-PAL, VCD-NTSC, VOB, AVI, DIVX video files

Supports JPG image files

Reads DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, audio, CD-R and CD-RW discs

Reads USB flash drives formatted to FAT32 with a capacity of up to 4 GB.

SD, MMC, RS-MMC and SDHC memory cards that have been formatted to FAT 32 and have a capacity of up to 4 GB can be used with the included adapter

The device


The DVD player




































Chapter 3 Features

Chapter 4 The device






1.ANT: Antenna connection

2.OPEN: Opens the CD compartment


4.MENU: Opens the menu during DVB-T operation

5.SOURCE: Press to select a DVB-T, DVD or USB operation mode

6.VOL –/+: Adjusts the volume

7.(Navigation buttons): For selection within a menu  To select a channel during DVB-T operation (CH+/–)  To regulate the volume during DVD operation  To rotate images

8.OK: Confirms a selection

9.   Stop: Press once to pause playback, press twice to stop playback

10.SETUP: Opens the menu during DVD and USB operation

11. / Play/Pause: Starts/Pauses playback

12. IR sensor for the remote control and battery charge indicator The indicator lights up red during charging and changes to green once charging has been completed.


14.DC IN 9 – 12 V: Power supply jack

15.ON/OFF: Turns the device on/off

16.AV OUT: A/V output

17.AV IN: A/V input

18.Earphone jack

19.USB 1.1 connection

Remote control


Chapter 4 The device

Chapter 4 The device






1. ANGLE: To select an alternative camera angle on an inserted DVD, where applicable. To setup various slideshow effects.

2. Service Swap: Press to return to the previously viewed channel.

3. Numerical buttons 0 – 9 and the 10+ button

For entering and selecting channels/numbered menu items/files.

Press the 10+ button repeatedly (not applicable during DVB-T operation) to select chapters 10+ and up on DVDs.

4. TTX: Press to turn the teletext function on/off during DVB operation.

5. SUBTITLE: Press to select one of the various subtitle languages available on a DVD.

6. TITLE: Press to return to the main menu on a DVD. 7. ENTER: Confirms a selection.

8. (Navigation buttons): For selection within a menu  To select a channel during DVB-T operation (CH+/–)  To regulate the volume during DVD operation  To rotate images

9. SETUP/EXIT: Press to gain access to the setup menu

(not applicable during DVB-T operation) or to exit a menu.

10. TV/RADIO/A-B: Switches between DVB-T and radio reception during DVB-T operation

A-B repeat function defines a certain music or film sequence that is to be repeated

11.REPEAT: Switch through various repeat mode options (e.g. chapter, track, title, all)

12.DISPLAY: Press to access and browse through various on-screen options

13.PRO/EPG: Creates a program list

Displays the electronic program guide during DVB-T operation

14.AV OUT/AV IN: Switches between the A/V output/inpu

15.DVB/DVD: Switches between signal sources (DVD, DVB and USB)

16.MUTE: Mutes speakers

17.AUDIO: Selects an audio language on DVDs

18.PBC/SCAN: PBC on/off

Channel scan during DVB-T operation

19. Stop: Press once to pause playback, press twice to stop playback

20. Play/Pause: Starts/Pauses playback

21.MODE: Menu for various picture settings (brightness, contrast, colour saturation, sharpness)

22.ZOOM: Switch through available film and picture enlargement levels

23.MENU: Access setup menu during DVB-T operation Returns to the DVD menu

24.  Reverse/Forward Skip

Skips to the previous/next channel during DVB-T operation Skips to the previous/next chapter/image, previous/next title

25./FAV /PG-TV

   fast reverse/forward during DVB-T operation FAV – only browse through favourites on/off setting PG-TV – program location and menu for favourites


Chapter 4 The device

Chapter 4 The device






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