Wright Manufacturing 98320010, 98320009, 98320008, 98320007 User Manual


Grass Collection System


For use on the Wright Z





Note: Please read all safety instructions before operating your Grass Collection System. This manual also contains installation instructions and a replacement parts list for your commercial product. Please visit us on the web at www.wrightmfg.com for newer revisions of this manual.

Welcome to the progressive group of mowing professionals who use Wright commercial products. We are focused on giving you advanced engineering and quality construction in each mower we build.

This manual explains the features and promotes safer use of the mower. Please read it in its entirety and follow the instructions carefully so that you can have many years of safe and productive operation with your Wright product.

For service, remember that your Wright dealer knows your mower best and is interested in your satisfaction. Your dealer can provide you with quality maintenance and other assistance that you may need.

Please provide this manual to anyone who may operate the Wright Z mower with the Grass Collection System for them to study before operation. It is necessary to make sure that all safety precautions are followed for the safety of the operator and bystanders and to prolong equipment effectiveness and life.

As Wright Manufacturing, Inc. is constantly seeking ways to improve its products, the equipment you have may differ slightly from the information and specifications in this manual. Wright reserves the option to make changes at any time without notice, in the process of continually improving our products. Please visit us on the web for the most current product literature at www.wrightmfg.com.

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Wright Manufacturing, Inc. warrants the above products are free from original defects in workmanship and material for one (1) year from original date of purchase. This limited warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the product – the warranty is not transferable. The product must be registered, by the selling Dealer, through the Wright Manufacturing, Inc. online registration system within 14 days of original date of purchase. Warranty is void if product has been damaged through causes not arising out of defects in material or in workmanship. Damage caused by misuse or normal wear and tear are excluded from this warranty. This exclusion covers bent parts of products, belts, cloth/material, worn bearing parts and paint. Wright Manufacturing, Inc disclaims any consequential damages arising from the breach of any warrant. (Some states do not allow the exclusion of consequential damage, so the above disclaimer may not apply to you.)


Safety Instructions

General Safety

Removing An Obstruction

Mower Stability

Safety Decals

Installation Instructions

Before You Begin

Deck Preparation and Pulley Installation

Blower Installation

Deck Cover Installation

Rear Collection System Installation

Transfer Tube Installation

Optional Deck Counterweight

Operation Instructions


Illustrated Parts List

This is the safety alert symbol. It is used throughout this manual and on the owner’s safety labels to alert you to potential personal injury hazards. Read these instructions carefully. It is essential that you read the instructions and safety precautions before you attempt to work on or use this unit. Obey all safety messages that follow to avoid possible destruction of

. property, injury or death

General Safety

Become familiar with the Wright Z and it’s Owner’s Manual. It is necessary to understand how to shut down the PTO system and be familiar with the mower controls.

Read the mower Owner’s Manual and this manual completely.

Identify and obey all safety warning decals. If any decals are missing, replace with new.

Only allow well-trained adults age 18 or older to operate equipment.

Wear appropriate eye and ear protection with properly fitting protective clothing.

Use caution with rotating blades and blower. ALWAYS wait at least one-minute after turning off Blade-Clutch and engine before installing, adjusting, servicing or removing grass collection system.

DANGER, Risk of thrown objects from mower blades and blower traveling at high speeds. NEVER operate mower with exposed mower deck or blower discharge.

Check transfer hose connection point at blower and receptacle frame. NEVER run blower without transfer hose firmly connected to blower housing and bag receptacle housing.

ALWAYS check mounting hardware. Grass Collection system should be firmly mounted the mower at all times during operation. DO NOT operate if any hardware is missing or loose.

Always keep shields and guards in place. Removal of protective shields can risk serious injury or death during operation.

If grass collection system is removed from mower, reinstall mower chute deflector BEFORE continued operation.

Transfer hose and grass collection bags are subject to wear and MUST be replaced when torn, cracked, or unable to effectively channel discharge materials.

Extreme CAUTION should be used on hills. The grass collection system will raise the mower’s center of gravity and increase the risk of tipping or rollover.

Removing an Obstruction

1Turn off blade clutch PTO using Mower Controls.

2Set the motion controls to neutral and set the parking brake.

3Turn off engine and remove starter key.

4Disconnect hose from blower and use a piece of wood to rotate propeller in reverse. It may be necessary to disconnect the blower belt to effectively turn impeller and dislodge the obstruction. DO NOT insert hands or fingers into the blower housing, the propeller may spin once the obstruction is dislodged.

Mower Stability

The Wright Z was designed to maintain stability using this grass collection system. However, it is still necessary that the proper precautions be taken to ensure operator safety and stability.

Adjust the rear wheel motor supports to be furthest from the mower deck. This is achieved by removing the wheels and unbolting the four mounting bolts for the wheel motor supports. Moving the motor supports to the back of the frame will improve the overall balance and stability of the machine. This eliminates the need to add weights to the front of the machine.

Travel at a reasonable speed when traversing uneven, loose or sloped ground

Keep collection levels low when mowing on hills by emptying the bags frequently. This will increase the stability of the mower.

If the mower is unable to mow in a straight line across the slope of a hill, the grade of the hill is too steep. Always start at the bottom of a hill to check this before proceeding further up the hill.

Use extreme caution in mowing near streams, rivers and ponds. Maintain a distance of at least ten (10) feet at all times. The remainder should be cut with a walk-behind mower or trimmer.

Safety Decals

It is essential that you become familiar with the safety decals on your grass collection system. The safety decals will alert you of potential hazards with operating the equipment. Following these cautions will help create a safe operation and prolong the life of your equipment. The following decals are located on your equipment. Replacement decals are not available through Wright mfg.

Permanently attached to grass collection system cover. ALWAYS use caution operating on hills. Counterweights are not necessary with the rear wheel motor supports properly mounted in the rearmost position. Optional deck counterweights are available to help prevent step-cutting.

Permanently attached to grass collection system bags. NEVER use worn or deteriorated equipment.

Located on blower, Always turn off mower blades and engine befor clearing discharge chute of serious injury will occur. Discharge Chute be in place when the blower is removed from the mower.

Located on blower, Always use caution with movable parts. Serious injury can result from working on your grass collection system with the mower in operation. Always turn off machine and remove key before dislodging any jammed objects. Also be cautious of spinning components after an obstruction has been removed from the system.

Located on blower, All components of the grass collection system must be in place during operation. If any component is missing, it must be replaced before continuing operation. Either the blower or discharge chute should be in use at all times. Failure to comply could result in serious injury or death.

Before You Begin...

Tools You Will Need

7/16” Wrench


1/2” Wrench

9/16 Wrench

3/4” Wrench

7/8” Wrench

13/16” Wrench

Rubber Mallet


Jack and two block supports

Abrasive Paper


Safety First

Use appropriate safety precautions. Warning: Rotating parts can cause serious injury. Wear eye protection and appropriate footware. Disconnect Spark Plug wires on equipment before you begin to work. Do not test blower unit until firmly attached to mower and all safety guards are in place.

Deck Preparation and Pulley Installation

1. Remove Chute Deflector

Remove and save the chute deflector and mounting hardware. Keep your chute deflector and hardware readily available for installing when not using your grass collection system. Either the chute deflector or the blower should be in place at all times during blade operation.

2. Remove Deck Cover

Remove the right deck cover, located on the discharge side of the deck. Do NOT throw away deck cover. Save cover for reassembly when grass collection system is removed from mower.

3.Install Blower Drive Pulley on the Mower Deck

Use a piece of abrasive paper to remove any excessive surface rust from the shaft of the spindle located near the discharge

Insert a 1/4” Key into the spindle shaft keyway

Assemble together pulley with a supplied tapered hub and two bolts Only finger tighten bolts for now, DO NOT wrench tighten at this time.

Align the tapered hub keyway with the key positioned on the spindle shaft in step b. The pulley assembly should be oriented with the hub and bolts facing up.

Using a rubber mallet, gently hammer the pulley assembly onto the spindle shaft. It is necessary to maximize the engagement of the pulley and the spindle shaft.

Tighten the hub bolts with a 7/16” wrench. Alternate bolts when tightening to maintain a balanced load on each bolt.

Blower Installation

1.Mounting the Blower to the Deck

Lift the blower and insert the front tab of the bracket into the mating hole on the deck-top bracket. The rear tab on the Adapter Bracket should fit securely into the rear portion of the deck-top bracket.

2.Check for Belt Interference

Certain earlier production models will require that a belt cover support post be hammered down, out of the path of the belt. Only perform this if a deck cover post is in the path of the blower belt or within an inch thereof.

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