WD WD3200BPVT, WD10JUCT, WD1500BLHX, WD5000AVDS, WD3200LPVX, WD7500BFCX, WD1002F9YZ User manual

WD WD3200BPVT, WD10JUCT, WD1500BLHX, WD5000AVDS, WD3200LPVX, WD7500BFCX, WD1002F9YZ User manual

SATA Hard Drive

User Manual

Desktop Internal

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Kit Contents

WD Hard Drive


Mounting screws

Congratulations on purchasing a WD SATA hard drive! This document was designed


to aid in the quick installation of your new SATA hard drive. If you experience problems


following these procedures or need further information regarding the installation and


use of your drive, visit our website at support.wdc.com to search our online


knowledge base for frequently asked questions and other common troubleshooting





Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows XP,

Windows 2000

Note: Compatibility may vary depending on your hardware configuration and operating system.

System Requirements

SATA interface connector on motherboard, or SATA controller card (sold separately) installed in an available 32-bit PCI expansion slot (2.1- or 2.2-compliant).

3.5-inch internal drive bay.

Unpacking & Drive Handling

WD hard drives are precision instruments and should be handled with care during unpacking and installation. Hard drives can be damaged by rough handling, shock and vibration, or electrostatic discharge (ESD). Be aware of the following precautions:

This product contains no user-serviceable parts; refer servicing to WD-authorized personnel only.

Do not unpack your hard drive until you are ready to install it. Your hard drive is packaged in an antistatic bag.

To avoid ESD problems, ground yourself by touching the metal chassis of the computer before handling the hard drive. Articles of clothing generate static electricity. Do not allow clothing to come in direct contact with the hard drive or circuit board components.

Handle the hard drive by its sides only. Avoid touching the circuit board components on the bottom of the hard drive.

Do not drop, shake, or knock down the hard drive.

Do not stack hard drives or stand your WD hard drive on its edge.

1 Getting Started

1.Gather these materials and tools: WD hard drive kit; computer system manual; operating system manual and DVD or CD; SATA host controller drivers (if applicable); Phillips and flat-blade screwdrivers.

2.Before performing any hardware installation, back up your existing data.

3.Before handling the hard drive or any other components, discharge static electricity by touching the metal chassis of your computer or by using an anti-static wrist strap.

4.Locate and record your WD hard drive serial number, model number, and date code on the label on top of your drive.

5.Power off the computer and unplug the power cord.

6.Remove the system cover (refer to your system manual for instructions).


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