WD 0T00812 Product Data Sheet

WD 0T00812 Product Data Sheet

Data Sheet


Enterprise Solid-State Drives


HGST Storage Class Memory

Uncompromised, consistent performance across a wide variety of workloads

Sustained, predictable performance over the lifetime of the product

Highest capacity in the industry for a PCIe flash storage product – up to 4.8TB in a HH-HL form factor

UEFI boot, available with Standard models

Dynamic, global wear-leveling

Enterprise-grade reliability: Flash-aware RAID, End-to-End data-path protection, advanced ECC, secure erase, power fail protection


Enterprise-class servers and high performance computing

Suitable for the most demanding scale-out database workloads

Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

High Frequency Trading (HFT)

Virtual Computing

Space and/or power constrained environments

4800GB, 2200GB, 1100GB and 550GB MLC | HH-HL SFF | PCIe 2.0

Features and Benefits

HGST incorporates specialized software and hardware that combine to implement Storage Class Memory (SCM) within the server. The HGST architecture has been designed to tightly integrate different kinds of flash media, hardware and software to deliver memory-class performance with storage-class capacity and persistence. HGST’s FlashMAX® II SCM devices and associated software deliver performance without compromise, along with HDD-like capacity in a very compact, universal form factor.


vFAS is an Adaptive Scheduling algorithm, which delivers the most efficient access to flash media for applications. In addition to providing optimized access for peak performance, vFAS also includes sophisticated techniques to ensure applications get steady sustained performance at all times. vFAS virtualizes the underlying flash media to present a standard block device interface to applications, without inefficient storage protocols or interconnects, resulting in significant gains in application performance.

FlashMAX II presents a traditional block storage volume to the host so that applications can easily access it without modification. vFAS has been designed to treat flash media more like an extension of memory, while maintaining a traditional block storage interface for applications. All of this is done without the use of storage protocols, storage controllers or storage interconnects. The result is latencies under 21 μs, which is closer to DRAM performance.

Unconditional Performance

FlashMAX II with vFAS delivers consistent performance across all application workloads, even when the device is fully utilized. FlashMAX II with vFAS delivers application performance whether it is peak small block read performance, where a single low profile card can deliver over 1.1 million IOPS, or sustained mixed read/write performance when the drive is full.

Simplified Management

Unlike many competing solutions, 100% of the capacity available on a FlashMAX II card is available as a single host volume on the server without having to leverage 3rd party software RAID products to stripe across multiple drives. With FlashMAX II you can have a single volume presented to the operating system up to the advertised formatted capacity, which can be as large as 4.8TB when using the FlashMAX II Capacity model.


Feature / Function



2700MB/s / 1000MB/s sequential R/W

Maximum performance density in a HH-HL PCIe SSD drives maximum consolidation and savings





343K / 243K IOPS random R/W



314K IOPS on 70/30 mix R/W


Low Latency

< 21 μs write latencies

DRAM-like performance


4800GB, 2200GB, 1100GB, 550GB

Industry leadership in capacity in HH-HL form factor





Power fail protection

Assures data integrity during power failures

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