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An Ethernet/Internet Connectivity Solution for Watlow ModbusControllers

Watlow’s EM Gateway serves as a bridge for Modbuscommunication between ethernet and Watlow standard controllers. The Gateway provides a quick, convenient and economical means of adapting controllers to ethernet connectivity.

Ethernet communications is rapidly gaining popularity in industrial control applications by enabling the flow of information between processing equipment and the company’s ethernet-basedmanagement systems.

Watlow’s EM Gateway provides an operator interface by serving web pages to an Internet browser to support key control operations such as process monitoring, set point changes, alarm management and error notification. The browser can be used to monitor the process, make set point changes, manage alarms and generate e-mailsto notify remote locations of an alarm condition.

The gateway communicates with Watlow controllers via a ModbusEIA 485/EIA 232 communications network.

Watlow controllers supported by the EM Gateway include:

Series 981/982*

Series 988/989 *

Series 998/999*

Series 96/97

Series F4

Power Series



WATVIEW, Watlow’s Windows® based HMI (Human/Machine Interface) software, can utilize the gateway to configure as well as operate, monitor and data log key control parameters such as process and set point value and alarm status. WATVIEW software will be available June, 2002. The EM Gateway supports up to 16 controllers in any combination, making it ideal for applications that require multiple loops of control.

The EM Gateway is a standard product available from stock for quick shipment, and is backed by a three-yearwarranty.

* These controllers are not supported by WATVIEW.

Features and Benefits

Ethernet/Internet connectivity

Allows the user to operate and monitor their process remotely

Embedded Web Server

Remote operation & process monitoring with standard web browsers

Dedicated web page design

Web pages specifically designed for easy use and operation

E-mailalarm notification

Reduces process monitoring costs

WATVIEW communications capability

Allows the user to operate WATVIEW or a browser with the same PC connection


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Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Modbusis a trademark of Schneider Automation Incorporated.

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Power Supply

Voltage input 24Vı(ac/dc) + 10%, -15%,50/60Hz ± 5

Connection through two position removable screw style terminal block


Operating temperature range 0 to 60˚C (32 to 140˚F)

Storage temperature range -40to 70˚C(-40to 158˚F)

Operating and storage humidity 0 to 90% non-condensing


Green LED for ethernet connection

ø .19

• Green LED for ethernet activity


85.09 mm

Green LED for EIA485/232 activity


(3.35 in.)




EN 50082-1light industry

53.85 mm


(2.12 in.)

ModbusRTU communications

EIA 485/EIA 232 supported

Connection through five position removable screw style


terminal block

127 mm

• Ethernet communications

(5.0 in.)


• Ethernet RJ 45 connector

139.7 mm

10 base T

(5.50 in.)

HTTP interface

Front View


DHCP, Auto IP or fixed IP address

E-mailalarm notification


85.09 mm (3.35 in.) width x 139.7 mm (5.50 in.) length, 34.54 mm (1.36 in.) depth

3.175 mm

34.54 mm

(0.125 in.)

(1.36 in.)



EM Gateway Network Wiring Diagram

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