VTech LS6125 User Manual

Quick start guide
for models LS6125/LS6125-2/ LS6125-3/LS6125-4/LS6125-5/ LS6126-3/LS6126-5
Install the telephone base and charger(s)
Install the telephone base and charger(s) as shown below.
Telephone wall jack
DSL lter (not
included) required if you have DSL high-speed Internet service
Telephone line cord
Telephone base
Telephone base power adapter (large)
Electrical outlet not controlled by a wall switch
Use only the power adapter(s) and
1. battery(ies) supplied with your VTech telephone.
For complete feature instructions,
2. please refer to your user’s manual.
Charger adapter (small)
Batte r y i nst a l l a t i on a nd charging
Install the battery as shown below. After installing the battery, you might be able to make and receive short calls. For best performance, charge the handset battery for at least 16 hours before use.
Plug the battery securely into the plug inside the handset battery compartment, matching the color-coded label.
Align the cover at
against the battery compartment, then slide it upwards until it clicks into place.
Place the battery with the label THIS SIDE UP up and the wires inside the battery compartment.
Charge the handset by placing it in the telephone base or charger. The CHARGE light will be on when the handset is charging.
CHARGE light
Make, answer and end a call
Make a call
Press /FLASH or .
Dial the number.
Dial the number.
Press /FLASH or .
Answer a call
Press /FLASH, or any of the dialing
• keys (0-9, #, *).
End a call
Press OFF/CLEAR or put the handset in
• the telephone base or charger.
Activate the answering system
The answering system must be turned on to answer and record messages. Press ANS ON/OFF to turn the answering system on or off. When the answering system is turned on, it will announce “Calls will be answered,” and the ANS ON/OFF light will be on. When the answering system is turned off, it will announce “Calls will not be answered,”
and the ANS ON/OFF light will be off.
Outgoing announcement
The telephone is preset with a greeting that answers calls with “Hello, please leave a message after the tone.” You can use this preset announcement, or replace it with your own.
To record your own announcement:
Press ANNC while the telephone is not
1. in use and the system will announce
“Announcement. Press PL AY or press RECORD.”
Pr e s s R E C O R D a n d t h e sy st e m
2. announces, “Record after the tone. Press
STOP when you are done.”
Aft e r th e tone, sp e ak toward s th e
3. micr o pho n e at the bot tom front of the telephone base from about nine inches away.
Press /PLAY/STOP when nished.
The answering system will automatically
5. play the newly recorded announcement. Press /PLAY/STOP to stop the playback at anytime.
To play messages:
Press PLAY/STOP to play messages and
stop playback.
Press X/DELETE while a message is
playing to delete it.
Press /SKIP to skip to the next message.
Press /REPEAT to repeat the current
Press VOL / to raise or lower playback
If your product is not working properly:
Refer to the Troubleshooting section of
the user’s manual. Visit our website at www.vtechphones.
com or call 1 (800) 595-9511. In Canada, go to www.vtechcanada.com or 1 (800) 267-7377.