Vivitek LK7530i User Manual

Model Name NovoTouch LK7530i
Display Technology Backlit LED (IPS Panel)
Panel Size; Aspect Ratio 75”, 16:9
Brightness 330cd/m2
Contrast Ratio (Typical) 1,200:1
Viewing Angle
Refresh Rate (Hz) 60Hz
Display Color (Bit) 1.06 billion (10-bit)
Orientation Landscape
Touch Technology Infrared Touch
Touch Points 10 Writing, 20 Touch
Surface Protection 4mm Thick Toughened Glass (Level 7H on Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness)
Minimum Touch Object Single-Touch ≥Φ6mm and Multi- Touch ≥Φ8mm
Touch Tools Finger, Stylus, Glove, Opaque Objects
Gestures Supported Yes
System Version Android™ v6.0
GPU Mali™ T860
Internal Storage 16GB
OS Compatibility
RK3399, Dual-Core ARM® Cortex® A72 and Quad Core ARM® Cortex® A53
Windows® (Windows 7 and above: Driver Free), Mac® (10.10 and above), Android™ (2.2/2.3/4.0/4.1/4.2 (Kernel v3.5 and above - Driver Free), Chrome (v39 and above), Linux (Kernal v3.5 and above)
HDMI v2 (x1), HDMI v1.4 (x2), DisplayPort (x1), VGA-In (x1), Audio-In (3.5mm) (x1), AV-In (x1), HDMI-Out
I/O Ports
Internal Speakers 12W (x2) (Stereo)
Power Supply AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Panel Dimensions 1,762 x 1,034 x 101 mm
Panel Weight (Net) 60 kg
What’s included
Model UPC Code 813097023056
Warranty 3 years RTB
(1080P) (x1), Audio-Out (3.5mm) (x1), Coaxial-Out (RCA) (x1), LAN (RJ45) (x1), RS232 (x1), USB Type A 2.0 (x4), USB Type A 3.0 (x2), USB Type B (x2)
Touch Screen Panel, NovoConnect Solution Module VKA05, Wall Mount WIB9060A, Documentation Kit, AC Power Cord, VGA Cable, USB Cable, Audio Cable, Stylus (x3), Remote Control with Batteries.
NovoConnect Solution LauncherPlus QL300EU, NovoTouch Plug-In Windows OPS Module VKW21