Vivitar VIV-13MM-C User Manual

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13mm Ultra Wide Aspherical Lens



Limited One Year Warranty

Vivitar warrants this quality product to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. During the period,Vivitar will repair or replace the product at no charge for parts or labor.


The time period of this warranty starts from the date of the original purchase and expires on the first anniversary date of purchase.


No express or implied warranty is made for any defects in this product which result from accident, abuse, misuse, failure to operate the product in accordance with relevant instructions, neglect, immersion in or exposure to chemicals or liquids, extremes of climate, fungus, excessive wear and tear/cosmetic damage and defects resulting from other extraneous causes such as unauthorised disassembly, repair or modification.

This warranty shall not extend to any incidental or consequential damages arising from the purchase, use or inability to use this product even if Vivitar has been advised of such damages. The laws of some countries and some States thereof do not allow the limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may apply to you.


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STEP 1. Package the product and relevant accessories carefully, using ample padding materials and a sturdy mailing container to prevent damage in transit.

STEP 2. Include in package:

a)Evidence of date and place of original purchase (for example, a copy of your sales receipt).

b)Detailed description of your problem.

c)When possible, a sample evidencing the problem.

STEP 3. Return item (insured) to: (in the U.S.): Vivitar

Attn: Technical Support 195 Carter Drive Edison NJ 08817

When service is complete, the product will be returned to you shipping prepaid. In the event the product is Bri deemed to be not faulty or the defect is a result in wear and tear, Vivitar may levy a handling charge for the

from country and State to State thereof. For more information visit our website TECHNICAL SUPPORT

support team members will answer your questions. For phone support in the US please call 1-800-592-9541,in the UK call 0800 917 4831. If you would like to call from anywhere else, please visit for your local toll

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Thank you for purchasing the VIV-13MM-CUltra Wide Aspherical Lens. This lens will provide you with many unique and exciting photo taking opportunities which we hope you will enjoy.

Features of Your Lens:

-SuperSpectra coatings-113.8ºdiagonal angle-Useshybrid aspherical lens-Reducesflare and ghost

-Minimumfocusing distance of 12 inches-Fixedpetal-typehood

-Canbe used with Canon film and digital SLR cameras

Your 13mm Ultra Wide Aspherical Lens is designed with its own mount. Users can take photographs easily without installing an additional adaptor by mounting the lens directly onto the camera.

Please read these directions prior to using your lens.


A Quick Look at Your Device






















Depth of Field Scale


Hood Locking Area


Focus Scaling Ring




Focusing Ring

6. Aperture Adjustment Ring


Your VIV-13MM-Clens is uniquely designed for Canon cameras.

Attaching Your Lens to Your Camera

Hold the hood locking area of the lens gently, and align the lens mounting reference point or line with the lens ring mount of the camera. Next, push the lens into the camera and turn the lens softly until it makes a clicking sound, and the depth of field scale is positioned on the upper part of the camera.

Detaching Your Lens from Your Camera

Hold the hood locking area of the lens gently, and press the lens release button on the camera. Turn the lens in the opposite direction as when attaching, and carefully pull it out.


Focus Adjustment

You can adjust the focus of the subject you are photographing by turning the focus adjustment ring on your lens, as it is an MF (manual focus) adjustment lens. To do so, please follow the steps below:

1. When focusing on a subject from a long distance, turn the focus ring to the right

(∞ to 1) and focus on the clearest subject by using the indication signal on the camera or by checking visually.

2. When focusing on a subject from a short distance, turn the focus ring to the left

(1 to ∞) and focus on the clearest subject by using the indication signal on the camera or by checking visually.


Brightness Control

You can set the amount of brightness you want by turning the aperture adjustment ring when using your lens.

[Aperture adjustment ring markings]

When you turn the aperture adjustment ring between 22, 16, 11, 8, 5.6, 4, 2.8, 2 and 1.4 you are making 1 stop each turn. Brightness can be set more precisely by making half stops as well (see below).

5.6 and 8 are 1 stop apart (1EV).

Set a 0.5 stop (0.5EV) between 5.6 and 8


Camera Settings

Some cameras require special settings when using this lens. Please read the information below and set your camera accordingly.

The aperture of the 13mm Ultra Wide Aspherical Lens is not specifically geared to your camera.

If the F stop is set above 8, you may not be able to set the correct focus due to difficulty in viewing the subject through the camera’s viewfinder. Turn the aperture adjustment ring and fully open it when attaching this lens to the camera, and then turn the aperture adjustment ring again to set the depth of focus and brightness you want prior to shooting.


Camera Settings (continued)

1. Set the camera mode dial to ‘M’

2. Adjust the shutter speed to achieve the appropriate brightness.

The shutter speed of some Canon cameras changes automatically if the shooting mode dial is set to Av and the brightness is set by turning the aperture adjustment ring. Therefore the shutter speed is not required to be set additionally as when using the M mode.

(The camera settings discussed apply to the Canon 40D camera. Settings for the camera or the menu may be changed depending on the model or due to a menu upgrade. Refer to your camera manual or contact the camera manufacturer for more detailed information.)



Filter size: None

F/stop range: F2.8 ~ 22

Maxium diameter: 87.0mm

Angle of View: 115.7 ˚ (APS-C:89.9 ˚)

Group/Elements: 10/14

Length: 3.78" (96.1mm)

Weight: 19.47 oz (552g)




Troubleshooting (continued)