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Quick Reference User's Guide

Viper SmartStart VSM100 and VSS4000

Congratulations on the purchase of your state-of-the-artViper SmartStart system. Reading this user’s guide prior to using your system will get you off to a quick and smooth start.

Start Here

Before you can start using your system, the following steps must be performed:

1Download the free SmartStart application to your iPhone or iPod touch from Apple's App Store using the onscreen instructions.

2Have the SmartStart system installed by your authorized Viper dealer. Once installed and activated by the installer, you will receive an email and temporary password prompting you to set up your account through a provided link. Your installer will also provide a printout of this information.

3Using your iPhone or computer, click on the link and follow the onscreen instructions to set up your account. You can also set up your account by going to, following the onscreen instructions and entering the information found on the printout you received from the installer.

4Once your account has been set up, launch the application. Your system is now ready for use.

Commands at a Glance

































































Tap this icon to lock the vehicle. When a confir-













mation message is received, tap it to clear.


























Tap this icon to unlock the vehicle. When a con-













firmation message is received, tap it to clear.



















































Tap this icon to remote start your vehicle.













When a confirmation message is received, tap













it to clear. The vehicle remote starts and stays













running for the programmed run time (default













is 12 minutes). Tap this icon again to turn off













the engine during the run time.













Tap this icon to open trunk. A dialog box will













open, asking you to confirm you want to open













the trunk. Tap "Yes" to confirm, or "No" to can-













cel the request. If you selected "Yes", tap again













to clear the confirmation message when it pops


























Tap this icon to activate panic mode for 30























seconds. Tap again during this time to turn off.













This feature is used to attract attention if in a













threatened position.





Menu Bar










Your vehicle responds exactly the same way as it does when using



















the Viper remote control, with audible and visible confi rmations.

Note: The amount of time it takes for your vehicle to respond to a command can be affected by cellular coverage or network congestion.

QRGVSM100 2009-09

Menu Bar and Screens

Menu Bar





This screen is the default screen for direct access to all your remote commands. Tap


any command on the Home screen to perform it.




This screen provides notifi cations from the system. These notifi cations are indicated


by a red circle above the Alerts icon which also indicates the number of uncleared


notifi cations received. These notifi cations can be in the form of alarms, communication


issues or updates to your service plan. The available Alerts may vary depending on


the type of system installed in your vehicle.


This screen allows you to add and control multiple vehicles if you have a security/


remote start system installed in more than one vehicle.




From this screen you can access your account information and customize your prefer-





Home Screen

Alerts Screen

Cars Screen

Settings Screen

Note: Your Viper SmartStart module automatically checks for updates once every 24 hours. During updates, system operation is disrupted for approximately one minute.

Additional information can be found at:


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