Victory Refrigeration VBC-480, VBC -480 User Manual




Item #:


Remote Roll-In Blast Chiller







Stainless Steel












Exterior and Interior







































Standard Features





Blast Chill/Storage Refrigerator















• Two Operational Functions:































- Blast Chill Processing Refrigerator
















- +38°F Storage Refrigerator
















• E-Z Blast™ Microprocessor Control Panel:
















- Blast Chill Cycle Controlled Automatically by

















Either a Food Probe or Digital Timer


















•Two (2) Preset Chill Times: 90, 240 Minutes


















•Soft Chill and Hard Chill Options


















•Three (3) Food Probes with Digital


















Temperature Indication
















- Cabinet Temperature Digital Display
















- Food Temperature Digital Display
















- Defrost Mode Indicator
















- On/Off, Blast Chill Cycle and Cancel Buttons
















- Diagnostic Trouble Shooting Capability


















• High and Low Temperature Alarm


















• Power and Component Failure Alarms
















• HACCP Data Logger System Records, Stores
















and Prints Temperature Data up to 7 Days
















- After Termination of Chill Mode













- After Cancellation of Chill Mode










shown with optional










insulated floor and ramp.



- Daily at Midnight









- Seven (7) Day History on Demand
















- Built-In Thermal Printer

















Large foodservice operations benefit from a

documentation and HACCP record keeping.

• Compartment Accepts Two (2) Roll-in Carts


27” Wide x 40” Deep x 72” High


chilling capacity of 480 and 660 lbs of food




















• Complies with FDA, NSF 7 and HACCP


product to +38°F in about 90 minutes.

May be used with optional NAFEM Data


Refrigeration System

Protocol compliant documentation




for HACCP monitoring to transfer data from

• Defrost on Demand or Automatic Defrost


Cabinets require a single remote condensing

kitchen to a remote Windows® compatible

• Environmentally Friendly R-134a Refrigerant


unit or the equivalent to support operation. A

computer system. Program is available from


remote indoor/outdoor condensing unit is

the factory and many third-party suppliers.

• 3”of Environmentally Friendly ODP Zero


Polyurethane Foam Injected Insulation


available from the factory or third party






suppliers. Consult price list for selections.




Optional Features and Accessories







Exterior is heavy gauge stainless steel front,


The self-contained top mounted refrigeration

back, sides and door. Galvanized steel top.

• Reverse Door Swing (factory install only)


system allows for use as a +38°F storage

Interior is heavy gauge stainless steel with

• Roll-thru (specify door swing)


refrigerator. Expansion and solenoid valves

radius corners. 31/2”of environmentally

• Indoor/Outdoor Condensing Units


standard. An external drain line run is

friendly ODP Zero Polyurethane foam injected

• Insulated Floors (Adds 31/2” to Height)


required to remove condensate water.

insulation throughout the cabinet ensures the

• Stainless Steel Floor Ramps



ultimate in energy efficiency.




• Stainless Steel Roll-In Rack (Single Section)







Unique E-Z Blast™ 1-2-3 microprocessor




• HACCP Monitoring


control panel initiates blast cycles in three

Door is hinged right and cannot be site reversed.

• Rapid Freeze Option Available (Consult Factory)


simple steps. Model features built-in alarms

Standard with flush recessed handle, hydraulic

Note: Extra Wide Doors for Combi Oven Racks


and can control the chilling process with the

closer, magnetic gasket, heater and self-closing

are available. Outside Dimensions become


temperature probes or a digital timer, which

hinges with a 90° “stay open” feature.

65.8” W x 92.7” D x 98.2” H. Clear Door


can be programmed with two preset chilling















Opening becomes 35.43” W x 73.8” H


times for specific food products.





HACCP Data Logger System records, stores

Roll-in Blast Chillers are made from walk-in

Roll-In Rack


type cam-lock panels and are delivered


and prints temperature data for up to 7 days

knocked down for ease of installation. Panel

Stainless steel removable rack guides protect


in accordance with HACCP guidelines. Its

assembly is required on site.




wall panels from damage. Optional racks are


built-in thermal printer provides simplified










available from the factory. Maximum rack size is
















27” wide x 40” deep x 72” high exterior
















dimensions including casters.
























































Victory Refrigeration specification sheets





































are available online at






























































































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