Victory Refrigeration ACRS-1D-S7-SST User Manual

Victory Refrigeration ACRS-1D-S7-SST User Manual



Item #:


Air Curtain Refrigerators



Stainless steel



exterior and interior.








Standard Features

Cold Air Is Circulated Across Cabinet Front, Assuring Safe Product Temperatures.

• Dial Thermometer

The Air Curtain Refrigerator Is Ideal For Tray Assembly Lines In Hospitals, Flight Kitchens,

• Stainless Steel Exterior and Interior

Cafeterias, Fast Food Operations Or Any Meal Tray Assembly Operation.

• Removable Stainless Steel Pan Slides





• Stainless Steel Hinges



• Full 270° Door Swing



• Heavy-Duty Cylinder Lock



• One-Piece, Self-Adjusting Magnetic Gasket



• Plasticized Fin Coil



• Cord and Plug Attached



• 6" Diameter Heavy-Duty Casters with Wheel






• Flush Recessed Side Hand Grips



• Stainless Steel Case Back



• Rear Mounted Push Bar Handle with Rubber






• Condensate Automatically Evaporated



• Environmentally Friendly R-134a Refrigerant



• Energy Efficient Refrigeration System



Optional Features and Accessories



• Glass Door



The cabinet front and doors are constructed of heavy gauge polished stainless steel to maintain an attractive appearance for years of heavy use. Foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation throughout the cabinet and door ensures the ultimate in energy efficiency.

The cabinet is designed with air ducts on the left and right side of the interior. Each air duct has a series of strategically placed holes for proper airflow. When the door is opened, a curtain of cold air blows across the cabinet opening. This keeps hot air out and cold air in, assuring safe storage during peak food service hours. Removable pan slides, designed to bottom support 18” x 26” pans, are attached to the air ducts on, 3 3/4 inch centers.

A humidity control wire located behind the case front, encircles the door opening to prevent condensation. A temperature sensing dial is centered in the front panel of the compressor housing. Recessed side hand grips, a push bar handle with bumpers and heavy-duty non-mar casters are standard features for making the Air Curtain easy to maneuver when in use.


The stainless steel door swings 270° to allow full width access and is held securely in place when opened by a side-mounted keeper. The door has stainless steel hinges, a safety grip handle, heavy-duty cylinder lock and self-adjusting magnetic door gasket for positive sealing action.

Refrigeration System:

The air circulating fans and the forced convection cooling coil are contained in a ceiling housing. The condensing unit is located in the base of the cabinet for more stability when transporting product and provides the operator with easy access to all pans at a comfortable working height. Adequate ventilation is provided by louvered front and rear grills. All condensate water is disposed of automatically by the energy efficient condensate evaporator.


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