VDO Dayton Rearview Mirror MM 2100 User Manual

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MM 2100

Rearview Mirror with integrated 4“ Colour TFT Display

Rearview Mirror with integrated 4'' Colour TFT-Display

Integrated Loudspeaker and IR Receiver

PAL/NTSC capable (auto detection)

Power On/Off button with LED

Manual Brightnessand Volume Control

Non-detachable7 m connection cable to Navigation Computer (ending on Mitsumi Connector); no additional cable needed!

Mounting straps for simple and safe fixing on vehicle's rearview mirror

Optical coating for homogeneous mirror surface

Connection of rearview camera possible via optional adapter cable CA 1205

Auto-switchto camera image when reverse gear activated

MM 2100

Rearview Mirror with integrated 4“ Colour TFT-Display


MM 2100 is a rearview mirror, which includes a 4'' TFT-Monitorto display the image of a connected Navigation Computer (PC54xx and higher).

Navigation Display

All information is clearly visible on the unit's 4:3 TFT-Screen.It’s position close to the driver's eye supports the usage of a smaller display. Brightness and Volume of the Navigation Guidance can be adjusted manually for the most convenient setting.


Simply by connecting the 7m cable to the Navigation Computer and fixing the MM 2100 over the vehicle's rearview mirror, the full featured Colour Navigation System is ready for use - no dashboard damage, no additional cables and / or accessories required!

Integration & Anti-TheftProtection

MM 2100 is perfectly integrated into the car-interiorsince it does not occupy any space in thedashboard-area.An importantside-effect:The unit is hardly visible from outside the car and therefore does not attract unwanted attention.


The display of MM 2100 is powered by the Navigation Computer which makes additional cables unnecessary. Of course, the display can be switched off manually if needed.


For optimal usage of MM 2100, the following selections should be activated in the Settings-Menuof theNavigation-Computer:

“4:3 Monitor“

“Sync in Green“

In case of questions, please contact your dealer.

Technical Data MM 2100

Package Content

Display size: 4''

Aspect ratio: 4:3

Resolution: 480(H) x 234(V) Delta type

Brightness: 250 cd/cm2

Contrast ratio: 150:1

View angle: 90°(H), 40°(W)

Input voltage: 12 V DC

Power consumption: max. 8 W

Mirror dimensions (WxHxD): 275 x 96 x 23,5 mm

Weight of mirror incl. mounting straps (w/o cable): 325 g

Rearview mirror with integrated 4'' TFT-Displayand 7m cable

Mounting straps (3 pairs)

Installationand operation manual (GB, FR, DE, NL, IT, DK, ES)

Remote Control RC 5400

02/05, MM 2100, subject to modification


Car Multimedia Systems.

VDO Dayton. The Car Brand.