VDO Dayton DOM 6500 User Manual

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Car Multimedia Systems.

VDO Dayton. The Car Brand.

DOM 6500

8" Overhead Monitor with integrated DVD Player

All-In-OneAutomotive multimedia system

Big 8" 16:9 Widescreen Display

Integrated DVD player for DVD, (S)VCD, JPEG, MP3, CD-AOSD menu

Infrared Headphone Transmitter (Headphone package as accessory) Output for 2 wired Headphones (with individual volume control)

Input for 2 AV sources (1 on front for quick access) AV Output for 2nd monitor and / or Audio System On-unitas well as remote operation possible

2 integrated Dome Lights

Universal Installation Plate and Trim Ring included


Multiple Input/Output possibilities

Connection of headphones via cable

Connection of headphones via Infrared

DOM 6500

8" Overhead Monitor with integrated DVD Player

Overhead Colour Monitor

Meant to be the perfect entertainment unit for the rear seat passengers, the DOM 6500 is mounted under the roof interior. The 8" display can be flapped down and swiveled both sides to match the best individual viewing angle.


While on the road the driver may not be distracted by the DOM 6500 playback, so it is important that the passenger's entertainment is discrete. Therefore you may connect headphones to the DOM 6500, both via cable and via IR connection.

Integrated DVD Player

DVD Video (region code 2), SVCD, but also Audio or MP3 CD as factory made or self recorded media can be played (Due to the huge number of recording media and software, it can not be guaranteed that all possible combinations can work on this set).

Input/output connections

For an optimum of connectivity the DOM 6500 disposes a large quantity of interfaces. Two AV inputs, one of them in the front of the device (e.g. easy access for video camera playback) and another at the central connection (e.g. for MI 2200) enable diverse applications beside the internal DVD Video source. A Stereo AV output provides signals for a 2nd monitor or the Audio system.

16:9 Widescreen Format

Information and entertainment are presented to you on a 16:9 widescreen format like you know it from the cinema.

Antiglare Coating

Even in an environment making it usually difficult to read out displays, the monitor of our DOM 6500 automotive antiglare screen lets you enjoy clear images.

On Screen Display

Screen settings are done using a simple On Screen Display. All DVD expert configurations can be performed through a multilingual menu.

Technical Data DOM 6500

Size/Format: 8", 16:9

Resolution: 480 x 234 pixels

Max. brightness: 400 cd/m

Antiglare coating

Automatic PAL/NTSC switch

Automatic 50/60 Hz switch

Auto power-onafterfold-down

Integrated drive compatible to DVD (region code 2), (S)VCD, JPEG, MP3, CD-A

Operating voltage: 10.5V – 15.6V, negative ground

Power consumption: typical 1.5A/(3A max.)

Video in/output (AV1/2): 1Vpp

Audio input (AV1/2): 2Vpp/20KOhm

Video output: 1Vpp

Audio output: 1.5V/10KOhm

Req. headphone impedance: min. 32 Ohm

Dimensions (W x D x H cm): 17 x 35 x 6

Weight: ca. 2250 g

Package content

1 x DOM 6500/00

1 x Power cable (5 m)

1 x Mounting plate

1 x Set of screws

1 x Rubber trim ring

1 x Installation and operation manual (GB, F, D, NL, I, DK,

1 x Individual carton box (white with label)

09/04, DOM 6500, subject to modification



Car Multimedia Systems.

VDO Dayton. The Car Brand.