VDO Dayton 5200 TSN User Manual

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Truck Navigation Computer

PC 5200 TSN

Product Information
































































Map-basedroute calculation with

• Rest/travel time control
















• Tour Book for up to 10 separate tours

truck-specificrestrictions **

• Lightweight, compact and

with max. 40 waypoints each

• Display of truck-specificrestriction

easy to install, with optional

• Infrared Remote Control

signs in map **

speedo meter connection

• Dynamic Navigation via TMC

• Detailed input for vehicle data

• 2 SD Card slots for map software

• Wide range of destination input options:

(length/height/weight/hazardous goods)

and travel guides

- Country, city, street

• Truck specific Points of Interest (POIs),

• Integrated RDS-TMCReceiver

- Junction, house number

e.g.Trucker restaurants or rest stops,

• 2D/3D Map View including

- Postal/ZIP code

gas station with HPF


- Latitude/longitude

Vehicle type-specificnavigation

Individual vehicle data is used to calculate the route and display the appropriate vehicle-specificrestrictions on the map. **

Vehicle type definition

PC 5200 TSN allows the driver to configure the navigation system corresponding to the exact vehicle data. This makes it possible to adjust the settings for height/length/width, total weight, max. axle weight, use of trailer and semi trailer as well as the definition of the hazardous materials transported.

Tour Book for individual tour planning

Up to 10 independent tours with a maximum of 40 different waypoints each can be arranged individually. The route will be planned according to the tour book.

Easy Installation

Because the PC 5200 is compact and has a non-sensitiveSD card slot, it can easily be tucked away in almost any vehicle. The turnable gyro makes it possible to mount the PC 5200 in practically any position, including upside down, depending on the individual installation situation. For added convenience, it is not necessary to connect the vehicle’s speed signal. *

Travel Time monitoring

The PC 5200 TSN allows the driver to check travel times when guidance is active. Based on the current time (calculated via GPS), the estimated travel time, and the user-definedmaximum travel time, the driver is warned when approaching the limit for uninterrupted or daily travel time.

Integrated RDS-TMCReceiver

Traffic information is available with the built-inTMC receiver. The additional functions this enables not only deliver better value for the price, but also make installing the unit even easier: since all you need is a connection to the FM antenna, the set comes with an FM window antenna.

Dynamic Navigation via TMC

The system is able to process traffic information, which is provided through its internal RDS-TMCreceiver (Radio Data System - Traffic Message Channel). This traffic information is evaluated and included in the route calculation. The delta (travel time, distance) for the current route is shown and the driver can decide whether he wants to drive this new route or not.

2D/3D Map View incl. Auto-Zoom

The unit’s special software makes it possible to display precise, smooth maps in either traditional 2D or the new 3D view. Auto zoom permits the system to choose from among three user-definablescales. Depending on the speed of the car, the map zoom can work automatically.

Wide range of destination input options

The wide range of destination input options makes it easy to find practically any destination. The input function is supported by ”Intelligent Typewriter,” which automatically shows only the necessary letters, making it much easier to choose the destination.

*Slightly reduced positioning accuracy possible. In extreme shadowed areas GPS reception may not be available. GPS aerial must be mounted intervisible to sky direction.

**Please note that the map material may not provide truck attributes in all regions/countries. Additional low-rankingroads are also not attributed. In this case, route calculation works without taking truck restrictions into account. The system displays an indicator of the attribution status.

Truck Navigation Computer

PC 5200 TSN

Technical Information

11/2007 • PC 5200 TSN • Subject to modification


Technical Data


• Detailed vehicle settings

• Power Supply

• FM Signal Splitter – MA 1452 DIN/40 or

• Vehicle type-specificroute calculation

- 12 V DC, - at GND

MA 1452 FKR/40

Vehicle-specificrestriction signs displayed in map

- Voltage Range: 10.5 V – 14.4 V at GND

• Video components

Truck-specificPoints of Interest (POIs)

- Current Consumption: < 1 mA

(e.g. TV Tuner, Reversing Camera)

Set-up,control and display of travel and rest times

FM-RDS-TMCBand: 87.5 – 107.9 MHz

• IR Steering Wheel Remote Control

• Setting for load/unload times

• GPS Band: 1.53 GHz



• Pictogramand Voice Guidance

• RGB Output: Siemens VDO navigation configuration

Sales Packages

• Route Criteria:

• RGB C-Syncon16-pinMitsumi connector

- Fast route

• Storage Medium:


- Short route

Secure Digital (SD) Card, max. 2 GB

PC 5200 TSN with MM 5300 5.8" Monitor

- Prefer highways

• Sensors



- Avoid highways

- 12-channelGPS receiver


- Avoid toll roads

- Gyroscope

PC 5200 TSN with MM 5500 7" Monitor

- Optimized for traffic situation

- Speed signal interface (digital, analogue)



• Independent selection of 14 languages

• Status LED


and 21 voices

• Temperature range: -20°C ... +60° C

PC 5200 TSN with VRM 6100 1DIN-Moniceiver

• Dynamic Navigation

• Turnable Gyro

and 7" Slide-outTouchscreen Display

• Alternative Route Calculation (automatic, manual)

• Connections:



• Traffic Information (via integrated TMC Receiver)

- Video-Out /Monitor: RGB, CVBS (NTSC)

Other Available Monitors

- Presentation on map

- Audio: 1 x 5 Wpp @ 4 Ohms

- Traffic information on route

(external loudspeaker)

• MM 5600

- Detailed event information

- GPS Antenna (SMB)

- 6.5" TFT Slide-OutMonitor, 16:9 Format

- Detour calculation

- FM Antenna (SMB)

- 1DIN sized

• 2D/3D Map View

- ISO A & B Connector


• Colorful map presentation with adjustable scale

• Dimensions (W x D x H): 132 x 120 x 37 mm

- Integrated loudspeaker/infrared eye

(50 m ... 1,000 km)

(w/o connectors)

- Automatic Display Brightness Control

• Address Book for 200 entries

Package Content



(categories: Home, Work, Business, Private)

• MM 5200

• Tour Book: Up to 10 tours

• 1 x PC 5200 CMN/40

- 3.6" TFT Monitor, 16:9 Format

with maximum 40 waypoints each

• Installation Material


• Recent Destinations: 20

(4 screws, 2 x magic tape)

- Integrated Infrared Eye

• Selectable status information for four info status

• 1 x Power Cable

- Automatic Display Brightness Control

fields (time, date, travel distance, dynamic travel

• 1 x Signal Cable

- Detachable Screen

time, delay time, dynamic arrival time, altitude

• 1 x GPS Antenna



above sea level, current speed)

• 1 x Installation & User Manual



• Demo Mode

• 1 x Infrared Remote Control RC 5400




w/o batteries




• 1 x Installation Assistant DVD




• 1 x Quick Start Guide laminated and ready to file

1 Additional adapter cables required


• 1 x TMC Arial MA 6452 / 40




• 1 x SRT 5200/40




• 1 x Remote Control RCD 3200/01




• 1 x SD Card with truck-specificmap data




• 1 x DVD with map data and languages files




for back-up