Vantec LapCoolTX LPC-450TX User Manual

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The LPC-450TX is a notebook stand designed especially for notebook users. It elevates your laptop to enhance heat dissipation, and the adjustable stand provides a comfortable typing position, preventing sore wrists. You can share what’s on your screen with others during a meeting or presentation by turning its fully rotating base. Light, thin and easy to carry, the LPC-450TX is a terrific accessory for any notebook user.

Fits All Notebook Sizes !











Free airflow enhances heat dissipation





Adjustable typing position



Fully rotating base



Light, thin and easy to carry



No power needed


Dimensions: 328 x 298 x 31 mm

Rotation: 360˚

Weight: 520 g

Material: ABS

Fits All Notebook Sizes

Models: LPC-450TX

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