Unified Brands Avtec 2000 Series, EcoArch EA2-DDLLL-30 User Manual


The Most Energy Efficient

Ventilation System.

The Avtec EcoArch combines both an economical and environmentally safe solution for the need for high-quality, costeffective ventilation performance in today’s foodservice kitchens.

The EcoArch ventilation system addresses the growing need to reduce the amount of conditioned air from a kitchen space. The combination of the patent pending arch top and

the front mounted high velocity exhaust slot reduces the amount of exhausted CFM by 45% compared to traditional CFM rates. This translates into an annual electric and gas savings

of up to 40%.

Now that’s maximizing your energy and cost savings!

The Avtec EcoArch 2000 Series

Model Number1

Hood Section Dimensions2








Available length of 48” to 192”



x 30” high









Available length of 48” to 192”



x 30” high








1 DD = Depth in inches, LLL=Length in inches, 30=Height in inches. Example: EA2-54120-30 stands for a 54” deep x 120” long x 30” high unit.

2 For hood lengths longer than 192”, multiple sections can be grouped together. 3 Minimum CFM may vary based on cooking equipment application.

Constructed of High Grade Non-Corrosive

Stainless Steel

Up to 40% Annual Energy Savings

Using Exclusive Design Features

Exclusive Aerodynamic Arch – Dramatically reduces the amount of turbulence within the canopy reservoir. About 70% of the contaminated air is exhausted immediately out of the reservoir.

High Velocity Exhaust Slot – The higher rate of speed at the slot in addition to its location at the top of the canopy effectively removes the contaminated air working in conjunction with the arch top.

Easier and Safer Removal of Filter Medium

Unlike tradition rear filter locations, EcoArch exhaust plenum and filters are located in the front of the hood eliminating the need to climb on top of cooking equipment for daily removal and cleaning.

Recessed Fluorescent Light Fixtures

EcoArch comes standard with recessed fluorescent light fixtures to maximize light foot candles at the cooking surfaces with the least amount of energy consumption.

Sample Energy Savings

150 cfm/ft (EcoArch) vs. 250 cfm/ft (traditional unit)

12’ Hood, 400°F, Gas & Electric, Based on 2006 Utility Rates



Annual Gas

Annual Electric

Total Energy Annually

Savings %







New York, NY












New York, NY












Total Savings












Atlanta, GA












Atlanta, GA












Total Savings