Ultra Products ULT31578 User Manual

Ultra Products ULT31578 User Manual

Deluxe Screw & Accessory Kit

Ultra’s Deluxe Screw & Accessory Kit Indispensable Fastener Set for Your PC!

It’s one of the most complete PC screw and accessory sets ever offered at such an incredibly low price. More than 400 of Ultra’s finest precision tooled, quality engineered fasteners and accessories, including plastic snap-in strandoffs, metal thumbscrews, case fan screws, jack screws, jumper caps, nuts, rubber feet and paper washers. No more searching for that elusive fastener - everything you need is here in one durably constructed case.

Deluxe Screw & Accessory Kit


Master Pack

Part #: ULT31578

Qty: 20 Weight: 26.5 lbs.

UPC#: 022769315782

Dimensions: 18.8x13x11"

Weight: 2 lbs. Dimensions: 10.9x9.5x2"


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