Ultra Products ULT31354 User Manual

Ultra Products ULT31354 User Manual

Dual UV 80mm Round

Cold Cathode Light Kit

Ultra UV Series Super Bright 80mm Round Light Kit

A virtual PC light show! Ultra proudly presents this double pack of UV emitting neon round cathode lights for the killer clear panel case that has everything except really cool glow-in-the-dark lighting. Easy to install! Just mount them onto any 80mm fan. Ultra UV Series Super Bright Round Lights will illuminate any UVreactive peripherals. Expertly crafted and ingeniously designed to provide a lifetime of great performance. These Ultra neon UV emitting 80mm-fan lights are the best in the industry!


·Color: UV (Ultraviolet)

·Length: 80mm Round


-Cathode Lamp Assembly,

-Molex Power Tap

-Expansion-Slot Rocker Power Switch.

Mini Bluetooth Headset


Master Pack


Part #: ULT31354

Qty: 40 Weight: 24.05 lbs.


UPC#: 022769313542

Dimensions: 20.8x16x15.7"


Weight: 1 lb. Dimensions: 7x6x2"