Ultra Products Hydra User Manual

Ultra Products Hydra User Manual

Hydra MP3 Players

Sporty Hydra MP3 Player

This ultra sporty "Hydra" MP3 player looks great and is splash resistant. Play MP3 and WMA audio files, listen to FM radio or record with the voice recorder while at work or working out! The digital EQ features five preprogrammed settings. The USB 2.0 interface allows the Hydra to plug and play as a flash drive so files can easily be dragged and dropped to and from the player. Sporty and durable, the Ultra Hydra is your next portable music device.

USB 2.0

Use your computer's USB 2.0 port to transfer data faster than ever. Transfer data at speeds up to 480Mbits/second.

MP3 Player

This device can capture hours upon hours of your favorite music. Everywhere you go, you'll have your customized music collection at your fingertips.

ID3 Tags Support

ID3 tags are additional information that is stored within the audio files. Such as Song title, Artist name, Album name, Year and Genre.

Supports for WMA

WMA (Windows Media Audio) File Format. Listen to all your WMA files direct from Windows Media Player. No need to convert your existing WMA files to MP3.

FM Radio

Listen to FM radio on the go. This device has a built in FM tuner with great reception, perfect for an evening jog or the walk to work. In addition, save up to 25 pre-set stations, to easily access your favorite radio stations.

1 GB MP3 Player - Black


2 GB MP3 Player - Black


Part #: ULT40014


Part #: ULT40015

UPC#: 022769400143


UPC#: 022769400150

1 GB MP3 Player - Orange


2 GB MP3 Player - Orange

Part #: ULT40017


Part #: ULT40018

UPC#: 022769400174


UPC#: 022769400181

1 GB MP3 Player - Yellow


2 GB MP3 Player - Yellow

Part #: ULT40020


Part #: ULT40021

UPC#: 022769400204


UPC#: 022769400211

1 GB MP3 Player - Pink


2 GB MP3 Player - Pink

Part #: ULT40024


Part #: ULT40026

UPC#: 022769400242


UPC#: 022769400266

Splash Resistant

Rubberized trim allows it to stand up to everyday wear-and-tear. It's also protected against accidental splashes, though this device is not designed to be fully immersed or held under running water.

USB Flash Drive

This phenomenal Ultra MP3 player also serves the function of a power-packed USB Flash Drive. You will be able to store more files on your Ultra MP3 player as well as create new files. An amazingly portable solution!

Voice Recording

This wonderful player doubles as an incredibly compact memo recorder. Record your important meetings. Create a voice recorded to-do list. Record your important thoughts as they come to you.

7 Different Language Display

Easily change the display language to any of the 7 preset languages.


·Memory Size: Available in 1 GB or 2 GB (Internal Memory)

·AAA Battery Included

·Up to 8 hours continuous playback (19 hours on AAA Alkaline)

· Dimensions: 2.9x1.5x0.9" (LxWxH) Weight: 26.5g

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