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Table of Contents


Introduction .........................................................................


Warranty & Other Benefits ...................................................


Features & Safety ................................................................


Pads & Backing Plates ........................................................


Selecting The Right Car Polish ...........................................


Operation ............................................................................


Maintaining & Improving Paint Gloss ..................................


Removing Common Paint Defects ......................................


Polish Like a Professional ...................................................


Machine Waxing & Buffing ..................................................



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The Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000 is a professional grade automotive polisher. With its dual-actionhead that orbits and rotates, the Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000 offers the only safe and effective way to detail your vehicle.

























































The Ultimate Detailing Machine operates by orbiting the polishing pad around a center spindle while the pad freely spins on its own axis. A counterweight on the opposite side of the center spindle dampens vibration for smooth operation.

The tool head action, often called orbital, prevents the creation of holograms (symmetrical buffing marks), paint burns and other forms of paint damage often associated with high-speedbuffing machines. When used with proper care, the Ultimate Detailing Machine’s design virtually eliminates the possibility of paint damage.

Polisher Housing

Backing plate is inserted Here


2,500 - 6,000 oscillatations per minute


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The polishing action of the Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000 closely mimics that of circular hand polishing. Imagine being able to make 2,500 to 6,000 tight hand circles in a single minute and you’ll have a pretty good idea of how the Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000 does its job. It works just like your hand, only at super-humanspeed! To put the beauty of this machine into complete perspective, it works 100 times faster than a super buff athlete, but it never gets tired!

If you have previously owned a car polisher that made a lot of noise and vibrated your hands, but did little for your car’s finish, you will appreciate why we compare the Ultimate Detailing Machine to an athlete. Most consumer grade car polishers don’t have enough power, have a very small orbit (often less than 1/8 inch), and have limited accessories. The Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000 shatters these limitations.

Amazingly, the Ultimate Detailing Machine is adept at more than just polishing paint. Given the appropriate accessories, the Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000 is a versatile athlete, excelling at cleaning, polishing, waxing and buffing. Visit www.UltimateDetailingMachine.com for a complete list of accessories.

Your Ultimate Detailing Machine, Model 1000 base kit contains the machine, a 5-inchFlexPlate™ flexible Velcro backing plate, a single foam polishing pad, canvas carrying bag, wrench and this owner’s manual. Additional accessories are available from authorized resellers or through http://UltimateDetailingMachine.com. Your authorized retailer may enhance the base system with different pads and accessories.



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Your Ultimate Detailing Machine, Model 1000, is guaranteed to perform without defect for one full year from the date of purchase. If your Model 1000 car polisher fails it will be replaced with a new or refurbished machine at no cost to you.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects of the basic machine, but does not cover the soft components, including the polishing pad, Velcro backing plate or canvas carrying bag. To claim warranty, the machine must be free of signs of physical abuse or misuse.

Although your Ultimate Detailing Machine reseller may package additional items with your Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000, these items cannot be claimed through this warranty. Liability and warranty of accessories bundled with or sold in conjunction with the Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000 are solely the responsibility of the accessory manufacturer and the associated reseller or distributor.

Registration & Benefits

Please register your Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000 at warranty.

UltimateDetailingMachine.com. Registration is required to receive warranty service. Registration is fast and easy. Plus, as a registered owner you can elect to receive news, tips and discounts on other Ultimate Detailing Machine brand products.

Warranty Processing

If your machine fails you must return it to the factory or your importer (outside the USA, Canada and Mexico) for exchange. Receiving a warranty exchange is easy. Simply browse to www.UltimateDetailingMachine. com/warranty.html and complete our warranty exchange form. Next, pack your polisher in the original box or a suitable shipping container and apply the UPS shipping label provided and drop the package with your local UPS shipper. When we receive your polisher, a replacement will be processed promptly. We’re sorry, but we cannot replace lost UPS postage.


Do you love your Ultimate Detailing Machine? Please tell your family and friends and we’ll send you a $25 store credit for each polisher sale you refer to UltimateDetailingMachine.com. It’s easy! Simply ask your family and friends to enter your registered serial number as their Tell-a-Friendcode at checkout. When they do, yourTell-a-Friendaccount will be credited with 25 detailing dollars! For more information visit www.UltimateDetailingMachine. com/tellafriend.html.

Ultimate Detailing Machine Garage Parties

If you do back flips over your Ultimate Detailing Machine products, come join our growing team of Garage Party Associates. Ultimate Detailing Machine Garage Parties are a great way to help others learn the proper way to machine polish and wax their cars while earning extra income. Our Garage Party Associates receive generous commissions and benefits. For more information, browse to www.UltimateDetailingMachine.com/garageparty.html.







































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The Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000 has a powerful 4.2 Amp, 500 Watt motor. The motor is 20% more powerful than competitive products, yet the machine is balanced and not tiring to use.


A reversible side handle makes the Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000 very easy to hold and control, even when working on vertical surfaces. Use of the side handle is a personal preference. It adds a bit of safety, but individuals with large hands may find it just as easy to grip the machine by the head end with one hand and the rear with the other.

Speed Control

The Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000 functions at 2,500 to 6,000 operations per minutes (OPM), controllable by a thumbwheel on the rear end of the machine. The OPM measurement is used instead of revolutions per minute (RPM) to distinguish the difference between orbits and center shaft revolutions. At 6,000 OPM, this machine is doing a lot of work.

Recommended speeds are as follows:

Waxing & Buffing – 1 to 2

Polishing & Cleaning – 3 to 4

Removing Paint Defects – 5 to 6


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Changing Tool Heads

Changing tool heads (e.g., backing plates and other adapters) is easy. You use the spindle wrench supplied with the machine to hold the spindle and rotate the tool head counterclockwise to loosen or clockwise to tighten. When tightening, only turn the tool-headturn once it has initially seated. Do notover-tighten.

Safety First

Warning: Failure to follow safety precautions may result in bodily harm or dam-

age to your vehicle.

1.Wear safety glasses when operating this tool to avoid eye injury from flying debris.

2.Always switch the machine off and unplug the machine from the power source before changing accessories. Switching on the machine while changing accesso-

3.Never operate the Ultimate Detailing Machine unless the cleaning or polishing accessory is pressed against the surface to be cleaned, polished or buffed. This means that you both start and stop the machine while the tool it is resting flat on the surface of the car.



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A full range of backing plates is available for the Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000 from many different suppliers. Any Velcro backing plate with a 5/16” – 24 thread can be attached to the Model 1000, allowing to take advantage of many different tools. A backing plate larger than 6 inches in diameter is not supported and should not be used.

Certified compatible FlexPlate™ brand Velcro backing plates are available in sizes ranging from 4 to 6 inches and carry a manufacturer’s replacement warranty.

Foam polishing and buffing pads are also available from many different manufacturers. Any Velcro backed pad, up to 7.5 inches in diameter, will work with your Model 1000. For best results, we recommend pad sizes between 4 inches and 6.5 inches.

Certified compatible DAS™ (dual-actionsystem) Pads are available in sizes ranging from 4 to 6 inches and

carry a manufacturer’s replacement warranty.


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For proper and safe operation, polishing and buffing pads must be used with the correct size Velcro backing plate. For instance, never use a 4-inchpad on a6-inchVelcro backing plate.

Each foam pad has a specific function:

1.Compounding Pad – These are coarse pads designed to remove paint damage (scratches, heavy swirl marks, water spot etching, acid rain damage), heavy oxidation and paint stains.

2.Swirl Remover Pad – These are medium weight pads designed to remove swirl marks and other fine blemishes without significantly reducing paint or clear coat thickness.

3.Polishing/Pre-wax Cleaning Pad – These are fine pads that bring paint to its final finish potential prior to waxing or sealing.

4.Waxing & Buffing – Ultra soft pads

Consult with your Ultimate Detailing Machine reseller or visit www.UltimateDetailingMachine.com for more information regarding proper pad selection.



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Paint polishes are given different names to indicate their intended purpose. Here’s a quick definition of polish terms:

Compound - A compound, often called a rubbing compound or a paint cleaning compound, is a highly abrasive cutting polish designed to remove heavy oxidation, paint damage and defects, and the scratches created by fine sandpaper.

Polish - A blend of fine abrasives designed to remove minor scratches, slight surface imperfections, water spots, acid rain spots, light oxidation, and swirl marks.

Glaze - A very fine paint polish. A glaze does not have enough cutting power to remove imperfections, but will increase surface gloss.

Pre-wax cleaner - A fine polish containing chemical cleaners to help remove minor surface contamination and dirt not removed by washing.

Each of these levels of polish can be used with your Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000. Always follow the polish manufacturer’s directions.

Do not use a polish that is not specified by the manufacturer for machine application.

Ultimate Detailing Machine offers a full range of DAS™ automotive polishes certified for use with your Model 1000.


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Before using the Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000, your car must be freshly washed and dry. Never polish or buff on a dirty finish or your paint will be damaged (swirls and scratches).

Always use a clean pad with each product. Never mix products on a pad. If a pad is not dirty, you may store it in a Ziploc baggie for future use. Be sure to label the baggie to identify the product on the pad.

Always work in an area with good lighting. Overhead fluorescent or halogen lighting is best. Do not work in direct sunlight.

Be sure to remove all rings, watches, bracelets, belts and other items that will scratch your vehicle’s paint. Consider wearing an apron to protect your clothing and the paint finish.

To operate your Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000, follow these simple instructions:

Step 1: Select the most appropriate foam polishing pad for the job. Center the pad on the Vecro backing plate and press firmly.



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Step 2: Apply polish to the polishing pad.

Step 3: Distribute polish over the work area. Distribute the polish over the work area. If you don’t, the polish will sling off of the pad. You can dab it, as I have done here, or smear it.

Step 4: Start polisher at low speed. Start the polisher at a low speed (2 on the dial), making sure to press the pad against the car before switching the machine on. Allow the polish to load into the pad and distribute over the surface area before increasing speed.

Step 4: Increase speed and work the polish into the surface of the paint. Work the polish into the paint. Keep the polisher flat, and apply firm pressure, but do not compress the pad more than50-75%.Use slow, smoothback-and-forthandup-and-down sweeping motions.












































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Step 5: Polish until the polish film is nearly gone. As you work the polish, the film will get lighter until only a slight haze remains. At this point you can stop and inspect your work. You can remove the remaining polish haze with a buffing towel or a microfiber bonnet over a dry foam pad.

To insure best results move the polisher back and forth (east-west)in a slow, sweeping motion, overlapping each pass (by 50% of the pad width) with the previous, and then switch your pattern to up and down(north-south).In most cases, it is not necessary to apply more than a couple pounds of pad pressure. Heavy polishing may require more.



It is polishing, not waxing, that offers the most improvement in the overall appearance of automotive paint. If you wax over bad paint, it’s still bad paint. When you use an abrasive polish to correct paint damage (scratches, oxidation, swirl marks, stains, water spots, etc.), you are removing a thin layer of bad paint to reveal a fresh finish. Obviously you can only do so much abrasive polishing before you wear out (thin or completely remove) the paint finish, so only polish as much as necessary to keep your car’s paint in good condition.

Buffing pads and polishes come in different levels of aggressiveness to make your polishing tasks faster and easier. You can use an aggressive pad and polish combination to quickly remove paint defects or severe oxidation, but it won’t reveal the full gloss potential of your paint. Just like polishing a jewel, you must use several grades of polish to bring out the final radiance.

If your paint is new or like new, it is rarely necessary to use heavy abrasives. You can use very mild pre-waxcleaners and glazes to maintain the factory finish or create a finish that glows like a gem. To do so, use a fine polish and a soft foam polishing pad, and work the polish in until most of the polish residue is gone. Remove the remaining polish residue with a quality buffing towel or a microfiber bonnet over a dry polishing pad.

To maintain your car’s high-glossshine, polish it2-3times a year. Select a fine polish orpre-waxcleaner.












































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The Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000 is an effective tool for removing most minor paint defects, including surface scratches, swirl marks, sanding marks, water spots, chemical etching, oxidation, scuffs and paint transfer.

All of these problems are addressed in essentially the same way.

The first step in removing paint damage is compounding. Use a pad designed for paint defect removal in conjunction with a polishing compound to remove just enough paint material to cut away the imperfection. It is best to only remove about 90% of the imperfection in this step, as the final buff out will remove the remainder.

After compounding, switch to a polishing pad and paint polish (often called a “swirl remover polish”) to remove the hazing or light dulling caused by the compound. This step will remove the remaining 10% of the imperfection, and reveal glossy, healthy paint.

Be very careful compounding and polishing on heavily oxidized paint until you know how much healthy paint is remaining. You could find yourself removing too much paint, creating thin spots or worse. If you over-buffan area of paint, you will completely wear away the clear coat or color.

You may find that you have to polish an area several times, and with a couple different grades of polishes to get the results you desire. Don’t get discouraged, this is not uncommon. Slow progress is better than rapid progress when it comes to paint polishing.

If you have a small area with deep damage that your Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000 cannot remove, you have a couple of choices: you can polish by hand using a heavy rubbing compound or you can wet sand with

2000 grit paper. After cutting away the damage with one of these remedies, you can re-polishthe paint with your polisher to restore the full gloss.

Sometimes the secret to repairing a paint defect is using the correct pad. For example, a 4” spot pad is the perfect solution for polishing tight areas or localizing a repair area. Consult with your authorized Ultimate Detailing Machine reseller or the www.UltimateDetailingMachine.com website for specialized paint correction solutions.












































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Machine polishing is messy. No matter how skilled you become, the machine will always sling off some polish. To avoid a huge clean up job, use an old bed sheet to cover areas of your car that you don’t want splattered with polish. This little step will save you a lot of clean up work.

Polishing can be quite detrimental to trim. If you need to polish close to trim, consider protecting it with a painter’s masking tape. If you run your polisher against black plastic trim, rubber seals or brushed aluminum trim, you run the risk of ruining the original matte finish. Masking around window trim, door handles, windshield washer nozzles, antenna masts, door guards and other trim will reduce your clean up work and save you a lot of heartache from mistakes. Be safe; take the time to mask off your trim.

Polish should not be used sparingly. Doing so puts more of the workload on the foam pad and causes the polish to dry out before you achieve any work. Use polish liberally. Apply enough polish to work an area for one to two minutes before the polish hazes and begins to buff out.

Polish safely by keeping the pad flat on the surface you’re buffing and the cord off of the paint. Wrapping the cord around your wrist or draping it over your shoulder will effectively keep it off of your car’s paint. Also, do not tilt the polisher. If you tilt the polisher, you will splatter polish and cause excessive wear on your polishing pad. When your pad becomes caked with polish, use a pad cleaning brush or a pad cleaning spray to clean your pad.


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Use masking tape to mask off trim around windows and areas where polishing would harm the finish. It only takes a few minutes to do an entire car. In the end it will save you a lot of time and grief.

Send Us Your Before & After Story to Win!

Do you have a great Ultimate Detailing Machine before and after story? Share your before and after story and pictures with us for a chance to win $100 in our monthly contest! All you have to do is take pictures of your vehicle before you start polishing and again once you’re finished. Send us your pictures along with your story and product review. If you have the best before and after pictures and story, you win! Visit www.UltimateDetailingMachine.com/contest.html for details.



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In addition to polishing and removing paint defects, you can use your Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000 to apply liquid waxes and paint sealants. To apply liquid wax products, use a soft, non-abrasivefoam pad.

The benefits of applying wax by machine include:

1.Faster application

2.Less waste

3.Thorough coverage

4.Easier to remove dry wax film

5.Brighter shine

For best results, apply liquid car waxes and paint sealants sparingly with your machine set to speed 1-2.It is not necessary to create a heavy wax film build. In most cases, the contrary is true. A thin, even coating dries faster and will buff off with less streaking.

To easily remove your dry wax and paint sealant film, stretch a microfiber bonnet over a dry foam polishing pad. Do not use a bonnet over a wet or damp pad, as your bonnet will become saturated and streaking will occur.

When buffing off car wax and paint sealant films, set your machine speed dial to 1 or 2. If a film is stubborn to remove, you may need to increase speed and apply light pressure. In most cases, wax and sealant films buff off with little effort.

If your wax film is buffing off clear and then streaking begins, this is an indication that your bonnet is saturated with wax. Flip you bonnet to use the second side (if it is a dual-sidedbonnet) or switch to a clean, dry bonnet.

To insure best results move the polisher back and forth (east-west)in a slow, sweeping motion, overlapping each pass (by 50% of the pad width) with the previous, and then switch your pattern to up and down(north-south).In most cases, it is not necessary to apply more than a couple pounds of pad pressure. Heavy polishing may require more.













































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