Transition Networks N-FX-XX-02, N-FX-XX-02 L User Manual

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N-FX-xx-02 (standard)
















N-FX-xx-02(L) (low profile)






100Base-FX, Fast Ethernet Fiber NICs

Transition Networks’ N-FX series of fast Ethernet NICs (Network Interface Cards) provide a 100Base-FX fiber port to deliver low-cost fiber optic connectivity to the desktop in fiber-rich LAN environments. With both standard and low profile form factors, driver support for most operating systems, and PCI

2.2 plug-and-play capability, these fast Ethernet NICs can be installed in virtually














Part Number

Port One -

Duplex Fiber-Optic 100Base-FX
















ST, 1300 nm multimode, 2 km (1.2 miles)*















SC, 1300 nm multimode, 2 km (1.2 miles)*






















LC, 1300 nm multimode, 2 km (1.2 miles)*































anyN-FXPC-MTon-the02 network. MT-RJ, 1300 nm multimode, 2 km (1.2 miles)*
















SC, 1310 nm single mode, 5 km (3.1miles)*







































SC, 1310 nm single mode, 20 km (12.4 miles)*




























SC, 1310 TX/1550nm RX single mode, single fiber 20 km





(12.4 miles)*

































SC, 1550 TX/1310 nm RX single mode, single fiber 20 km






(12.4 miles)*

























Optional accessories sold separately






Part Number








Boot ROM chip supports BBS (Bios Boot specification) and







non-BSS compliant PCs.




















*Typical maximum cable distance. Actual

Installation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2



distance is dependent upon the physical

Cable Specifications . . . . . . . . . . .4



characteristics of the network installation.

Technical Specifications . . . . . . . .5










Troubleshooting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6










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N-FX Series Fast Ethernet NICs



Before installing the N-FX module, verify that the package contains the following items:

N-FX module

LAN driver CD

Please notify your sales representative if any item is missing or damaged.


The N-FX module has a bootable ROM socket (ROM chip sold separately). The two LED indicators, LINK/ACT and FDX located on the bracket, show network/board link, activities, collision, and full-duplex statuses. See Figure 1.

Figure 1: LEDs and Boot ROM Socket

N-FX module installation

CAUTION: Wear a grounding strap and observe electrostatic discharge precautions when installing the N-FX module. Failure to observe this caution could result in damage or failure of the N-FX module.

To install the N-FX module, do the following:

Important: Install the N-FX module in a “master slot” only.

1.Locate a master slot on the PC workstation or file server.

2.Remove the cover from the PC workstation or file server—keep all screws.

3.Remove and keep the screws holding the cover over the installation slot.

4.Carefully slide the N-FX module into the “master slot,” aligning the module with the slot guides.

Install the N-FX module -- continued

5.Ensure that the module is firmly seated in the slot.

6.Use the screws from step “3” to secure the module to the workstation or file server housing.

N-FX PCI module configuration

For motherboards with automatic PCI configuration:

No specific setup is needed.

You can enter the system BIOS setup menu to view or specify the interrupt (INT) line of the PCI slots.

For motherboards with bus master and interrupt jumpers:

Enable bus master operation in a selected PCI slot and select an INT request line (IRQ) level, using the appropriate motherboard jumper.

Enable I/O on the N-FX, PCI slot.

PCI bus system and configuration

Ensure that the PCI machine supports master slots, and INT multiple sharing and timing compatibility.

DO NOT install N-FX in PCI slave slots. Please refer to your PC system manual and select the appropriate configuration settings.

When installing multiple N-FX modules in a server station, you should correctly configure the IRQ settings of the PCI slot.

Up to four N-FX modules can be installed in a PCI file server running NetWare operating system.

N-FX server modules share the same INT line with the driver supporting multiple INT services at a time. The IRQ of each N-FX module should not conflict with other boards.

Operation in full or half-duplex (default) mode is configured by LAN driver options. The operating mode should match the working status of the remote link device.

Use EMM386 version 4.49 or higher, and install both DOS and EMM386 from the same DOS package to avoid software problems.


Tech Support: 1-800-260-1312 International: 00-1-952-941-7600, 24 hours -- Click the “Transition Now” link for a live Web Chat.


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