STA-RITE GW8000 User Manual

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O W N E R ’ S M A N U A L

Model GW8000


About Safety

Before installing the cleaner, review and understand all warnings and safety information on inside cover of manual. Read and understand all installation information.

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S467 (Rev. 3/24/04)

About your Pool and Filter System

Pre-Installation Check List:

Before installing the cleaner in a vinyl liner pool, check liner closely for signs of deterioration or damage from age, chemicals, pool wall damage, etc. If any damage is found, have a qualified pool professional make all necessary repairs. Also,

If there are any stones, roots, etc., under the liner, remove them before installing the cleaner.

Before you install the cleaner, make sure you have cleaned the filter (including backwashing) and emptied all baskets.

Always make sure hose and cleaner are full of water before starting pump. Running pump dry may cause overheating and damage pump.

The cleaner is designed to maintain a clean pool. It was not designed for initial cleanup when opening pool for the season.

Safety Instructions

This is the safety alert symbol. When you see

this symbol on your system or in this manual, look for one of the following signal words and be alert to the potential for personal injury.

warns about hazards that will cause death, serious personal injury, or major property damage if ignored.

warns about hazards that can cause death, serious personal injury, or major property damage if ignored.

warns about hazards that will or can cause minor personal injury or property damage if ignored.

Carefully read and follow all safety instructions in this manual and on equipment. Keep safety labels in good condition; replace if missing or damaged.

Hazardous suction.

Can trap and tear hair or body parts.

Can cause drowning.

Do not play with cleaner or hose or apply to body.

Do not let children use or play with pool cleaner.

Stop pump before attempting to clean unit.

Oscillator may injure hands or fingers. Stop pump before attempting to clean out pool cleaner head.

Hose can trip or


entangle swimmers.


Do not allow swimmers in pool

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while pool cleaner is operating.

About Maintenance and Care

Hazardous suction. Stop pump before attempting to clean pool cleaner.

Keep skimmer basket and pump strainer basket clean and free of debris.

If cleaner jams with large debris (leaves, sticks, etc.), try cleaning debris first from bottom of unit. If this doesn’t clear unit, remove top swivel assembly (turn 1/4 turn) and clear the debris from the top.

Remove the pool cleaner from the pool before super chlorinating (shocking) or chemical balancing. Wait at least four hours after the chemical procedure before reinstalling the cleaner.

Make sure that the cleaner’s brush bristles don’t become deformed during storage. Store the unit so that it doesn’t sit on the bristles and so that nothing compresses them.

If possible, do not coil the hose. Store it flat and straight.

If necessary to remove oscillator, see "Oscillator Removal", Page 7.


More About the Cleaner and Accessories:




Swivel Assembly:

Insert assembly into cleaner body and turn 1/4 turn clockwise.

If you attach a unidapt handle to the swivel for manual vacuuming, be sure it is a special, floating unidapt handle (order No. GW9019; purchase locally). Use of a different unidapt handle will hinder the cleaner’s performance.


The unit includes a 20’ hose, an 8’ hose, and a 4’ hose which will provide excellent coverage in pools up to 27’.

For pools larger than 27’, add an 8’ extension hose. (Order No. GW9511; purchase locally).

For pools smaller than 24’, try the three hoses together. If 32’ is too much hose, remove the 8’ section and use only 24’ of hose.

The hose was designed specifically for the cleaner. Use of a different type of hose will reduce the cleaner’s performance.

Reducer Cone:

• Adapts hose to some skimmers.

• Keeps hose in place in skimmer when pump stops.

Brush Adjustment

NOTICE: Bristle wear, pool bottom, temperature, etc., will all affect cleaner operation. Use these general guidelines to adjust your cleaner for best performance.

Cleaner is factory set at No. 1.

Automatic Vacuum Regulator:

Hazardous suction. Can trap or tear hair or body parts. Install vacuum regulator on all high-vacuum systems.

Every system requires a vacuum regulator for safe operation.

Regulator provides vacuum relief in case cleaner suction is blocked.

Black rubber diaphragm must always be submerged. If it sucks air, the pump will lose prime, which could damage the pump.

Flow Director:

Install the flow director only if your existing inlet fitting in pool does no give the desired results.

For best cleaning action, angle the flow down 45° in a fan out from pool side (see illustration below).














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