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Micro-DISPLAY Control

Commercial Washers & Dryers


SWTT20/SWTT21 Top Load Washer

SWLT20/SWLT21 Top Load Washer - Extra-LargeTub

SDET07/SDGT09 Single Load Dryer

SSET07/SSGT09 Stack Dryer - Solid Door

SSET17/SSGT19 Stack Dryer - See-Thru Door


SWTY20/SWTY21 2-Speed Top Load Washer

SWLY20/SWLY21 Top Load Washer - Extra-LargeTub

SDEY07/SDGY09 Single Load Dryer

SSEY07/SSGY09 Stack Dryer - Solid Door

Commercial Built to Last Longer

Micro-DISPLAY Control

Coin or Card-Operated

Today, multi-housing owners and managers are constantly confronted with improving property security and enhancing amenity services.They are challenged to conserve energy and improve revenue cash flow.

Solutions to these issues are Speed Queen’s MicroDISPLAY Control (MDC) washers and dryers.They are designed with special features to reduce water and energy consumption. Attractive electronic controls will brighten up any laundry room.

Residents will find the laundry process a breeze with streamlined, easy-to-use Micro-DISPLAY Control.

Displays coin countdown to start cycle.

Shows cycle time remaining.

Remaining card balance on card operated units.

Touch pad selectors for easy activation with LED and sound enunciator signal.

Blinking start pad signal.

Bright, easy-to-read cycle status lights.

Your authorized Speed Queen laundry service provider can design an MDC laundry room solution for any property type.

Non-resettable cycle and coin counters to monitor laundry room activity.

Diagnostics to expedite service.

High Efficiency Automatic Washer

U.S. Department of Energy compliant to 2007 commercial washer standards for energy and water savings.

Automatic temperature control to reduce hot water energy consumption.

Water saver cycle with wash and rinse full fill and final spray rinse.

Two-speed wash, normal and gentle action.

Four cycle selections with three wash temperature options.

Superior Wash/Rinse Action

Curved four-vane polypropylene agitator with 210° wash stroke, the longest in the industry, produces superb washing results.

High Speed Spin-Extract

A higher extract speed of 710 RPM spins clothes out drier. In fact, the high spin speed lowers moisture retention by 3.4% over previous models.This means faster drying, increased cycle turns and satisfied users.

Automatic Balance System

Residents will appreciate the Automatic Balance System (ABS) for smooth and quiet operation, even on wood floors.The ABS provides the industry’s best out-of-balance handling, completing wash cycles without interruption.

Quality Washer


Durable stainless steel and porcelain enamel washtub.

Scratch resistant hard-baked porcelain enamel tops and lids.

Long-lasting galvanized steel cabinet.

StrongBox Security™ on meter case.

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