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SIR-BB3User Guide


Released 9-15-04.

Revision A: 10-28-04.Changed front cover and added Sirius Legal Stament (page 2).


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You are one step closer to experiencing the latest innovation in Sirius Satellite Radio. Sirius will revolutionize your portable in-home,vehicle and family entertainment, such as camping trips and beach excursions, using the Sirius ModelSIR-BB3Boom Box as the base receptacle for your Shuttle Receiver. Sirius entertainment will enhance your listening enjoyment with:

120 channels of original programming, including –

65 channels of 100% commercial-freemusic – guaranteed,

Over 55 channels of world-classsports, news, talk and information.

Your Audiovox Boom Box must be used with Shuttle Receiver, Model SIR-PNP3(sold separately). Optional home and vehicle kits are available at retailers where Audiovox main units are sold.

Audiovox Home Kit:

Part Number SIR-HK3

Audiovox Vehicle Kit:

Part Number SIR-CK3

2004 SIRIUS Satellite Radio Inc. “SIRIUS” and the SIRIUS dog logo are registered

trademarks of SIRIUS Satellite Radio Inc.



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FCC Regulations

This unit complies with the interference limits relative to a Class B digital device, applicable under Part 15 of the FCC Rules regarding installation in a residential environment. If the unit is not installed in accordance with these instructions, it could cause harmful interference to audio or television reception.

If this condition persists after corrective action, consult your dealer or experienced installation facility.

Cautions and Warnings

1.Within the home, do not install the Shuttle Boom Box in a position that obstructs viewing of any home entertainment component, such as Television, or stereo system indicators and displays.

2.Do not install or use the SIR-BB3in locations exposed to direct sunlight, or in areas subject to extreme temperatures; do not operate the unit in moist areas, in rain, or in areas adjacent

to water such as pools, hot tubs, etc.

3.When outdoors, position the SIR-BB3and antenna where there are no obvious satellite signal obstructions such as high terrain, trees, overhangs, etc.

4.When installed indoors, unplug the AC Power Adapter from the wall outlet when the SIR-BB3is not to be used for an extended period of time. If batteries are installed, set the PowerOn/Off-VOLcontrol to the Off position to prevent unintentional battery discharge, or remove the batteries.

5.To avoid possible damage to the Shuttle Boom Box caused by battery leakage, it is recommended that the batteries be removed when the Boom Box is not being used for an extended period of time.

6.Do not install or place the SIR-BB3on an inclined or unstable surface.

7.By adhering to these warnings and safety considerations, serious accidents and/or personal injury can be avoided.



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Contents SIR-BB3

Users Guide


P/N 128-7266A

(P/N 118C1129)

AC/DC Power Adapter 1 pc. (P/N 136C3585)

1 pc.

AC Power Cord

1 pc.

(P/N 112B3376)

Boom Box






1 pc.

Installation/Wiring Precautions

1.If using the adapter, make sure the adapter cable is not connected to an AC wall outlet until all interconnections have been made and verified. The adapter power cable should be connected last.

2.Incorrect installation may cause damage to the system.

3.For antenna positioning, refer to the Antenna Aiming procedure outlined in the Shuttle User Guide, SIR-PNP3(128-7193A).

Setting Up and Installing Your Kit

NOTE: The SIRIUS® signal can be received and processed virtually anywhere as long as there are no obvious satellite signal obstructions such as high terrain, trees, overhangs, etc. However, signal reception depends mainly on where you are, geographically, and where this place is with respect to the orbital paths of the Sirius satellites. In placing the antenna, therefore, these factors must be taken into account .



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Boom Box SIR-BB3Controls

The Audiovox Sirius® Boom BoxSIR-BB3provides PowerON/OFF andVOLUME +/- pushbuttons, and aMODE pushbutton to toggle between Satellite Radio or an auxiliary audio input signal. Apower-on/lowbattery LED is also located on the front panel.

1.MODE Pushbutton: This pushbutton toggles between Satellite Radio and an external audio input signal (MP3, CD, etc.) present at the AUX input jack.

2.AUX Jack: Accepts an audio input signal from an external audio device. When using the AUX audio input, turn the Shuttle off to preserve battery power. Adjust the volume level of the external

audio device to obtain an audio output from the

SIR-BB3.The volume






control on the






external audio











device should be






set to mid-range.













3.PHONES Jack: Accepts a stereo headphone jack to provide private listening capability for the Boom Box.

4.VOLUME +/- Pushbuttons: Increase or decrease the volume of the audio output signal from the SIR-BB3. To increase the volume level, press the +pushbutton; to decrease the volume level, press the -pushbutton.

NOTE: When the PNP3 shuttle is installed, the Volume buttons on the Remote Control unit will control the audio output of the Boom Box.

5.Power On/Low Battery LED: The LED lights green when the Power On/Off pushbutton is pressed to apply power to the SIR-BB3. In addition, the LED will light red to alert the user that the batteries are nearly discharged. This condition may cause degraded performance of the SIR-BB3.

6.Power On/Off Switch: When pressed, applies power to the Boom Box; the power on LED indicator (5) lights green.

7.EJECT Button: Press this button to release thespring-loadedcover to install and remove the Shuttle from theSIR-BB3cradle.


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1.Battery Installation

Your Boom Box can operate independently of AC power by installing 8 D-Cellbatteries as follows:

NOTE: The batteries are bypassed automatically whenever the supplied AC Adapter is plugged into the DC 12V jack on the back panel.

2.Cabling Interconnections

You can begin to enjoy Sirius® Satellite Radio as soon as the Shuttle and Boom Box Kit installation are complete. Set up your AudiovoxSIR-BB3by following the interconnect diagram.

3.Installing the Shuttle in the SIR-BB3

Install the shuttle as follows:








1.Press the EJECT button at the top of the SIR-BB3to open thespring-loadedcover. Carefully line up the shuttle rear spine grooves with the Boom Box guide spines; lower the shuttle into the Boom Box.

1.Turn the Boom Box upside down to access the battery compartment.

2.Push the battery cover latches forward and flip up the battery compartment cover to the open position.

3.Insert eight (8) D-Cellbatteries observing battery polarity as shown; then close the cover.




















































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2.After making sure the connectors are properly lined up, gently press down on the shuttle to mate the connectors together. The shuttle should now be nestled securely in the Boom Box compartment. Lower the PNP cover into position over the Shuttle; This will prevent accidental Shuttle disconnect. Apply power to the SIR-BB3by pressing the Power ON/OFF button; the LED indicator lights green. If the Shuttle does not turn on at the same time, press the red Power On/Off button in the upper left corner of the Shuttle front panel.

4.Removing the Shuttle From the SIR-BB3

Press the EJECT button on top of the Boom Box to raise the cover. Gently grasp the Shuttle from the top and pull straight up to disengage.

5.Installing/Positioning the Antenna

For best reception, the supplied antenna should be placed near a window if in the house or, if outdoors, in an open area and as high as possible; some repositioning may be required to achieve optimum results. The following guidelines are recommended:

Interconnect Diagram














(DC 12V 2.2A)





a.In a major city, where Sirius ground repeaters are present, you can usually place the antenna away from a window and still achieve the desired results.

b.You can also place the antenna outside (on the roof structure), provided it is clear of any overhead obstructions. Because of the orbiting characteristics of the Sirius Satellites, the strength of the received signal may change over



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time. In most cases however, the signal should be available continuously. If you experience a loss of signal or audio, reposition the antenna inside the home or outside as necessary.

6.Antenna Placement Considerations

The antenna should be placed on a relatively flat surface whenever possible. When outdoors, the antenna may be left in its mount atop the Boom Box provided no overhead obstructions are present. To mount the antenna:

a.Plug the antenna into the ANT connector on the back of the SIR-BB3.

b.Leave the antenna in place on the Boom Box, or remove the antenna from its mount, uncoil the antenna lead, and place it at the preferred location inside or outside the home. If no audio is heard, move the antenna to different positions on the surface until an audio output is heard. This is the desired antenna position and, if indoors, should be marked.

c.After determining the optimum position, turn off SIR-BB3and Shuttle power. Disconnect the power adapter from the wall outlet receptacle

(if indoors) and disconnect the antenna cable. -8-

d.Plan the routing of the antenna cable to the SIR-BB3ANT input when indoors. Make sure you avoid any obstructions that could crimp, kink or twist the cable; use protective grommets wherever rough openings are encountered. If the antenna is mounted outside, route the cable from the antenna position to the interior of the home, working the cable through the basement, under a window sill, etc.; make adjustments and take up slack whenever necessary.

e.If outdoors, either leave the antenna in place atop the SIR-BB3,or remove the antenna and find a location free from overhead obstructions such as tree branches, or the roof of a tent or other temporary shelter.

f.Plug the antenna cable into the ANT connector on the back of the SIR-BB3.

g.If not using battery power as the primary power source, plug the female end of the DC adapter cable into the DC 12V receptacle on the rear of the SIR-BB3.

h.Plug the other end of the DC adapter cable into a 110-voltreceptacle. Apply power to the Boom Box and Shuttle.

i.You are now ready to enjoy Sirius programming outdoors or within your home.


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Nominal Output Power per Channel

5.0 Watts Rms

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

0.3% at 1 Watt

Frequency Response

30Hz to 20kHz


>65dB Maximum

Speaker Impedance

8 Ohms Nominal

Headphone Output Impedance

32 Ohms

Headphone Output Level

500 mV (Maximum)

Headphone Connector Type

3.5 mm Stereo Jack

Auxiliary Input Impedance


Auxiliary Input Level

2.0 Volts (Maximum)

Auxiliary Connector Type

3.5 mm Stereo Jack

Equalizer Frequency

-6dBNominal at 2.5kHz

Overall SIR-BB3Dimensions

19” W x 7.18” D x 7.8” H


485 mmW x 182 mmD x 198 mmH

Overall AC Adapter Dimensions

3.5” L x 1.3” H x 2.36” W


90mmL x 33.5mmH x 60mmW


5.88 Lbs. (2670 Grams)




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Periodic Inspection

The SIR-BB3Boom Box should be inspected periodically for external damage. At least once every 30 days of use, perform the following checks:

1.Inspect the 20-pinShuttle connector for loose, bent or broken pins, misalignment, etc.; make

sure the SAT connector is intact and exhibits no apparent damage.

2.Check the VOL control for freedom of motion without binding of any kind.

3.Check that the MODE pushbutton operates correctly in that it toggles between the Satellite Radio output and the AUX input.

4.Make sure the antenna connector at the rear of the unit is free from damage of any kind and that the antenna lead plug mates correctly and securely.

5.Make sure the DC 12V connector at the rear of the unit is also free from damage of any kind and that the AC Adapter plug mates correctly and securely.

6.Check the antenna for any physical damage; make sure the antenna lead is secure and not nicked or frayed.

7.Inspect the overall Boom Box case and speaker grilles for damage such as nicks, scratches punctures, etc.

Cleaning the SIR-BB3Boom Box

When cleaning the Boom Box, make sure the AC Adapter is unplugged from the power source. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners. Use a lint-freecloth lightly dampened with water for cleaning the exterior of the Boom Box only.



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