Shindaiwa AH231, 63848-94010 User Manual

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2002 Shindaiwa, Inc.

Part Number 63848-94010

Printed in Japan

Rev. 2/02

Specifications subject to change without notice.






Minimize the risk of injury to yourself and others! Read this manual and familiarize yourself with the contents. Always wear eye and hearing protection when operating this unit.

Part Number 63848-94010

Rev. 2/02





Attention Statements ...........................


Introduction .........................................


Safety Precautions ...............................


Operating Precautions ........................


Operating the Trimmer ......................


Specifications .......................................


Product Description ............................


Powerhead Installation .....................


Assembly and Adjustment ................


Adjusting the Cutter Assembly ........


Engine Fuel ........................................


Starting the Engine ...........................


Stopping the Engine ..........................


Adjusting Engine Idle .......................


Maintenance ......................................


Cutter Blade Adjustment ..................


Long Term Storage ...........................


Troubleshooting Guide ....................


Emission System Warranty ..............


Attention Statements

Throughout this manual are special attention statements.


A statement preceded by the triangular attention symbol and the word “DANGER” indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided, WILL result in death or serious injury!


A statement preceded by the triangular attention symbol and the word “WARNING” indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, COULD result in death or serious injury.


A statement preceded by the word “CAUTION” contains information that should be acted upon to avoid damage to the unit.


A statement preceded by the word “IMPORTANT” is one that possesses special significance.


A statement preceded by the word “NOTE” contains information that is handy to know and may make your job easier.



The Shindaiwa AH231 Articulatied Hedge Trimmer is designed and built to deliver superior performance and reliability without compromise to quality, comfort, safety or durability.

Shindaiwa’s high-performance engines represent the leading edge of 2-cycle engine technology, delivering exceptionally high power with remarkably low displacement and weight. As an owner/operator, you’ll soon discover for yourself why Shindaiwa is simply in a class by itself!


The information contained in these instructions describes units available at the time of publication. While every attempt has been made to provide the latest information about your Shindaiwa product, there may be some differences between your AH231 and what is described here. Shindaiwa Inc. reserves the right to make changes to products without prior notice and without obligation to make alterations to units previously manufactured.

The procedures described in this manual are intended to help you get the most from your unit as well as to protect you and others from harm. These procedures are guidelines for safe operation under most conditions, and are not intended to replace any safety rules and/or laws that may be in force in your area.

If you have questions regarding your power tool, or if you do not understand something in this manual, your Shindaiwa dealer will be glad to assist you.

You may also contact Shindaiwa, Inc. at the address printed on the back of this Manual.

Safety Precautions



Approaching or contacting electrical lines with the trimmer could cause death or serious injury. Keep the trimmer at least 33 feet (10 meters) away from electrical lines or branches that contact electrical lines.


The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

An articulated hedge trimmer has the potential to do serious damage if misused, abused or mishandled. To reduce the risk of injury, you must maintain control at all times, and observe all safety precautions during operation. Never permit a person without training or instruction to operate this trimmer!




Safety Precautions

Read and follow this manual, make sure anyone using the trimmer does likewise. Failure to do so could result in serious personal injury or machine failure. Keep this manual for future reference

Always wear a hard hat to reduce the risk of head injuries during operation of this machine. In addition, always wear eye and hearing protection. Shindaiwa recommends wearing a face shield as additional face and eye protection. Wear non-slip heavy-duty gloves to improve your grip on the trimmer handle. Wear sturdy footwear with nonslip soles to provide good footing. Steel-toed safety boots are recommended. Wear snugfitting clothes that also permit freedom of movement.

Never operate this tool or any other power equipment if you are tired, ill, or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any substance that could affect your ability or judgement.



Electrical Hazard

Keep bystanders at least 50 feet (15 meters) away from the operating trimmer to reduce the risk of being struck by falling objects or thrown debris.

Danger Falling Debris

Owners Warranty


As the small off-road engine owner, you are responsible for the performance of the required maintenance listed in this owners manual. Shindaiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd. recommends that you retain all receipts covering maintenance on your small off-road engine, but Shindaiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd. cannot deny warranty solely for the lack of receipts or for your failure to ensure the performance of all scheduled maintenance.

As the small off-road engine owner, you should be aware, however, that Shindaiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd. may deny you warranty coverage if your small off-road engine or a part has failed due to abuse, neglect, improper maintenance, or unapproved modifications.

You are responsible for presenting your small off-road engine to an authorized Shindaiwa Dealer as soon as a problem exists. The warranty repairs should be completed in a reasonable amount of time, not to exceed 30 days.

If you have any questions regarding your warranty rights and responsibilities, you should contact a Shindaiwa customer service representative at (503) 692-3070 or your local Shindaiwa Dealer.

Consequential Damages

In the event that other component parts of this product are damaged by the failure of a warranted part, Shindaiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd. will repair or replace such component parts at no charge to you.

What is Not Covered

Failures caused by abuse, neglect, or improper maintenance procedures.

Failures caused by the use of modified or non-approved parts or attachments.

This Warranty is Administered by:

Shindaiwa Inc.

11975 S.W. Herman Rd. Tualatin, OR 97062 (503) 692-3070



Emission System Warranty Statement

Your Warranty Rights and


The California Air Resources Board, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Shindaiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd. are pleased to explain the emission control system warranty on your new small offroad (non-road) engine.

In California, new small off-road engines must be designed, built, and equipped to meet the State’s stringent anti-smog standards. In other states, new 1997 and later non-road engines must meet the Federal EPA’s stringent anti-smog standards. Shindaiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd. must warrant the emission control system on your small off-road engine for the periods of time listed below, provided there has been no abuse, neglect, or improper maintenance of your small off-road engine.

Your engine emission control system includes parts such as the carburetor, the ignition system and, if equipped, the catalytic converter. These components are specifically listed below.

Where a warrantable condition exists, Shindaiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd. will repair your small off-road engine at no cost to you including diagnosis, parts, and labor.

Manufacturer’s Warranty


When sold within the U.S., this engine’s emission control system is warranted for a period of two (2) years from the date this product is first delivered to the original retail purchaser.

During the warranty period, Shindaiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd. will, at their option, repair or replace any defective emission-related component on this engine. During the original Warranty Period, these Warranty Rights are automatically transferable to subsequent owners of this product.

What is Covered by this


1.Carburetor Internal Components

Throttle Valve, Needle, Jet, Metering Diaphragm

2.Ignition System Components

Ignition Coil

Flywheel Rotor

3.Catalytic Converter (if originally equipped)

The emission control system for your particular Shindaiwa engine may also include certain related hoses and connectors.

Safety Equipment and Labels


Shaft Safety Label

Cutter Blade


High Voltage Label






Safety and Operation Information Labels: Make sure all information labels are undamaged and readable.

Immediately replace damaged or

Throttle Interlock

missing information labels. New labels are available from your local authorized Shindaiwa dealer.

Figure 1




Operating Precautions


Use Good Judgement

Always make sure the cutter attachment is properly installed and firmly tightened before operation.

Never use a cracked or warped cutter or cutter bar: replace it with a serviceable one and make sure it fits properly.

Before starting the engine, make sure the cutter is not contacting anything.

Always stop the engine immediately and check for damage if you strike a foreign object or if the unit becomes tangled. Do not operate with broken or damaged equipment.

When cutting a branch that is under tension, be alert for spring-back so that you will not be struck by the moving branch.

Stop the unit immediately if it suddenly begins to vibrate or shake. Inspect for broken, missing or improperly installed parts or attachments.

Do not operate the articulated hedge trimmer with the muffler removed.

Make sure there is always good ventilation when operating the articulated hedge trimmer. Fumes from engine exhaust can cause serious injury or death. Never run the engine indoors!

Make sure there are no missing or loose fasteners, and that the stop switch and throttle controls are working properly.

If a cutter should bind fast in a cut, shut off the engine immediately. Push the branch or tree to ease the bind and free the cutter.

Make sure the cutters are correctly adjusted before operating the articulated hedge trimmer (see page 24 for cutter adjustment procedures). Never attempt cutter adjustment with the engine running!


Minimize the Risk of Fire

NEVER smoke or light fires near the unit.

ALWAYS stop the engine and allow it to cool before refueling. Avoid overfilling and wipe off any fuel that may

have spilled.

ALWAYS move the unit to a place well away from a fuel storage area or other readily flammable materials before starting the engine.

ALWAYS inspect the unit for fuel leaks before each use. During each refill, check that no fuel leaks from around the fuel cap and/or fuel tank. If fuel leaks are evident, stop using the unit immediately. Fuel leaks must be repaired before using the unit.

NEVER place flammable material close to the engine muffler.

NEVER run the engine without the spark arrester screen in place.


Troubleshooting Guide (continued)




Possible Cause




Warped or damaged

Inspect and replace





attachment as required.








Loose gearcase.

Tighten gearcase securely.





Bent main shaft/worn or

Inspect and replace



damaged bushings.

as necessary.







Shaft not installed

Inspect and reinstall

Cutter will not



in powerhead or

as required.











Broken shaft.

Consult your servicing







Damaged gearcase.

Consult your servicing













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