Sanus Systems TV27, TV-VCR, TV20, TV32, TV13 User Manual

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Assembly Instructions for Television TurntablesTM TV13, TV20, TV27, TV32

Congratulations on your purchase! Sanus Systems Television TurntablesTM are functional, attractive, and inexpensive. They are fi nished with a black powder that is both durable and beautiful. Please check carefully to make sure there are no missing or defective parts. Never use defective parts. Improper assembly may cause damage or injury. If you do not understand these directions, or have any questions about this assembly please contact Sanus at 800.359.5520 or We can quickly assist you with installation questions and missing or damaged parts

Supplied Parts: (1) Television Turntable

Supplied Parts: (1) Self Adhesive Protective Feet (pad of 4)

Step 1:

Position the Turntable so the black nylon swivel is facing up. Locate the circles at the end of each spoke. Next, place a

Adhesive Foot inside each circle, as shown in Diagram 1


Diagram 1





Bottom of



NOTE: If you are going to use the optional TV-VCR Kit, Proceed to the instructions for those at the bottom of the

page, otherwise, proceed to Step 2.

Diagram 2

Top of Turntable

Step 2:

Flip the Turntable over and place it in the desired position on a shelf or cabinet so the Adhesive Feet are facing down and are in direct contact with the shelf or cabinet as shown in Diagram 2.


Assembly Instructions for Optional TV-VCR Kit




TV-VCR Kit will not work with the TV13 Turntable

TV Turntable (sold separate)




Contents: (1)




Contents: (2)

Support Pillars



Contents: (4)

Plastic Dowels



Contents: (4) Allen bolts




Contents: (1) Allen Wrench







Sanus Systems 2221 Highway 36 W. St. Paul, MN 55113 800.359.5520 7.6.04

Step 1:

Phillips Screw

Remove the swivel from the TV Turntable by removing the

Bottom of

Phillips Screw in the center of the swivel as shown in the Dia-


gram to the right


Step 2:



Use the same Phillips Screw removed from Step 1 to fasten the

Phillips Screw


swivel to the base of the TV-VCR Kit. Insert the Phillips screw



through the center hole of the swivel and proceed to thread it


TV-VCR Kit Base

into the appropriate pilot hole in the center of the TV-VCR



Kit as shown in the Diagram on the right. Tighten the Phillips



Screw with a phillips screw driver until tight



NOTE:When using theTV20 use the front Pilot Hole.When

Front Pilot Hole

Rear Pilot Hole

Using the TV27 or TV32 use the rear Pilot Hole.



Step 3:

Plastic Dowels

Larger Hole

Insert the Plastic Dowels into the larger holes in the Support




Pillar as shown in the Diagram on the right. Gently tap the Plas-

Support Pillar


tic Dowels in with a hammer if needed. Repeat step for the



other Support Pillar.



Step 4:


Thread theAllen Bolts up through the Base of the TV-VCR Kit,

Top of TV-VCR Base

and into the corresponding holes in the Support Pillar. Tighten


Allen Bolts with the provided Allen Key until they are tight



Nylon Swivel is

Allen Bolts

Located on the Bottom

Step 5:

Top of TV Turntable


Add the TV Turntable to the TV-VCR Kit by setting the Turn-


table on top of the Support Pillars so the dowels in the Support


Pillars line up with the holes in the bottom side of the turntable.


Press the Turntable down fi rmly until the bottom of the Turn-


table is fl ush with the top of the Support Pillars.


Top of TV-VCR Kit

Front of Assembly


Sanus Systems 2221 Highway 36 W. St. Paul, MN 55113 800.359.5520 7.6.04