RTS Zeus II User Manual

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Zeus II

Trunking Digital Matrix Intercom System

You need the capabilities, redundancy and programmability of a full-featured,top of the line digital matrix intercom system, but have limited space in which to add the equipment. You also need to be able to expand the intercom system as your communications needs grow.

The RTS Zeus II matrix intercom system provides 24 channels of high-qualityaudio in a compact 2 rack unit package with the added benefit of linking to other RTS matrix intercoms via intelligent trunking.

Each channel is capable of supporting any of the RTS line of matrix keypanels, or four-wireinputs and outputs for program, party line and IFB feeds.

The Zeus II comes complete with AZedit, a Windows based, full-featuredconfiguration software, providingon-lineandoff-lineprogramming capabilities.


Redundant power supplies standard

The unit comes complete with two completely independent power supplies that can be powered from separate AC feeds. Because of the extremely low power consumption, the use of low cost UPS units for particularly critical installations is possible.

Meet any communications needs without rewiring, jumper changes, or the need to take the system “off-line”

Nearly all changes can be made by the users, using a keypanel. More involved changes can be made on-lineoroff-lineusing theZeus-Editprogramming software.

Better than CD quality audio

Zeus uses the RTS TDM ASIC to perform all audio switching and mixing in the digital reel. Input and outputs are converted at 44.1 kHz, 20-bitsfor a full 20 kHz bandwidth. The TDM

ASIC performs all DSP with 45-bitsresolution, avoiding any degradation of communications, regardless of the number of users on a given path.

All communications modes are provided

Zeus comes standard with full support for point-to-pointcommunications,party-lineconferences, IFBs, Isolate, and special lists.

External interfaces standard

Eight general purpose inputs and outputs (GPIOs) are provided for control of external devices including two-wayradios, VOXs, tally and alarm indicators. A serial port is also provided for connection of RTS accessories including additional GPIO, level control panels, conference assignment panels and program assignment panels.

Line Drawing

Zeus II Specifications


Size: 24 Ports Processing: Digital, 45 bits

Conversion: 44.1 kHz, 20 bits Programming: Zeus-Editvia Windows Memory:Non-volatileFlash

Controls and Indicators

Power On / Off toggle switch, located on back panel Reset pushbutton switch, recessed in front panel Diagnostic pushbutton switches (2), recessed in front panel

Power On indicator General Status Indicator

Keypanel Status indicators (24) Zeus controller status indicator Zeus audio status indicator Zeusedit status indicator UIO-256status indicatorLCP-102status indicator

Miscellaneous diagnostic indicators (19, for service only) Note: all indicators located on front panel

Audio Performance

Input Type/Impedance: Active Balanced, 22kΩ Output Type/Impedance: Active Balanced, 600Ω

Operating Level: +8 dBu

Maximum Level: +20 dBu

Freq. Response at +20 dBu: 50 Hz to 20 kHz, ± 1dB THD+N at +20 dBu (unweighted): <0.007%

SNR at +20 dBu (A-weighted):>90 dB Crosstalk at +20 dBu:<-80dB CMRR: >85 dB


Intercom Channels (J1 to J24)

General: 4-wire,balanced audio;RS-485data for optional intelligent keypanels

Connector type: 9-pinmaleD-sub(DE-9P)

Pin 1: Keypanel data +; Pin 2: Keypanel data -;Pin 3: Audio out shield; Pin 4: Audio in + (high); Pin 5: Audio in - (low); Pin 6: Keypanel data shield; Pin 7: Audio out - (low); Pin 8: Audio out + (high); Pin 9: Audio in shield

Configuration Computer (J25)

General: RS-232Serial port

Connector type: 9-pinfemaleD-sub(DE-9S)Pin 2: RX; Pin 3: TX; Pin 5: Ground

Accessory Connector (J26)

General: An RS-485data port forLCP-102 /PAP /UIO-256connection.

Connector type: 9-pinfemaleD-sub(DE-9S)

Pin 1: LCP-102 /PAP /UIO-256RS-485data-;Pin 2: ground; Pin 3: N/C; Pin 4: N/C; Pin 5: N/C; Pin 6:LCP-102 /PAP /UIO-256RS-485data +; Pin 7: ground; Pin 8: N/C; Pin 9: N/C

GPI (General Purpose Interface) Connector (J27)

General: Provides 8 control inputs which can simulate keypanel keys, and 8 control outputs which can be assigned to keys and used to activate external devices.

Connector type: 25-pinfemaleD-sub


Keypanel: DB-9MAudio IN Audio OUTRS-485Data

Configuration: DB-9F

RS-232Data Accessory Port:DB-9F

RS-422Data Trunking Port:DB-9M


GPIO: DB-25FTTL Active Low


Power Requirements: 90-250VAC, 50/60 Hz, 60W Note: Primary and backup supplies are identical.

Size: 3.5” H x 19” W x 17 D” (88.9mm H x 482.6mm W x 431.8 D)

Weight: 10.68 lbs (4.84 kg)

Contact Information

Ordering Information

Telex Communications, Inc.


Zeus II

12000 Portland Avenue South

Trunking Capable Digital Matrix Intercom System

Burnsville, Minnesota 55337

Catalog Number: 90007731000

Telephone: 877·863·4169


Fax: 800·955·6831


Form Number: LIT000034000

Date: April, 2006

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