Royal Leisure WINNIPEG 6 User Manual

Royal Leisure WINNIPEG 6 User Manual


Check list

Polycotton Flysheet

Inner Tents x 2



Pole Sleeves

Drop in Groundsheet


Repair kit


Thank you for purchasing a Royal Winnipeg 6 tent. It is advised that you check and erect your tent before use. It is strongly advised that you “Weather your tent” before use. This involves erecting the tent (as per the instructions below) and then either leaving it up to get wet or hosing it down with a hose pipe. This allows you to see if there are any problems. Enclosed is a repair kit, in the kit is a small tube of seam seal, which can be used on the inside of the tent seams (not to be used on the bedroom compartment material). If you tent should have a missing part or any other issue please contact the dealer you purchased it from.

On arrival at you camping area please make sure that the ground is free from any sharp objects or other objects that may damage the tent.

Assemble spring-adjoined poles by inserting each pole-end into the end of the next pole. Ensure that shaped pole ends are correctly aligned before joining them. They do not require force. Lay them parallel on the ground.

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