Quick Fuel Technology Blow Out Protection Kit User Manual


Blow Out Protection Kit Instructions

1.Remove throttle body from main body

2.Locate the power valve vacuum passage (note: small hole next to the center throttle body screws pri. & sec.)

3.Check the drill collar height this should be 9/32” of the drill point exposed)

4.On the main body surface of the throttle body, drill the P.V. vacuum passage until the drill collar contacts the gasket surface.

5.Remove all chips and deburr if necessary

6.Install the spring provided with the large end of the spring at the bottom.

7.Install the check ball.

8.Position the new seat in the hole and lightly tap it with a drift and small punch until it is flush with the gasket surface.

9.Reinstall the throttle body.

P/N 99-18

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