Quick Fuel Technology 34-6 Billet Metering Block User Manual



P/N 34-6


Installation Instructions for 34-6 Billet Metering Block

Thank you for purchasing our Pro Billet alcohol metering block.

Installation is essentially the same procedure as replacing a conventional metering block. There are a couple of features and tuning aspects of this metering block you should become familiar with. At the top of the straight “V” is the idle feed restriction (see illustration below). This screw-in restriction controls the fuel side of the idle and off-idle air/fuel mixture.

The emulsion holes, the four emulsion bleeds in the serpentine slot are pre-calibrated. These pre-calibrated emulsion bleeds are a pattern that is a race proven combination and works for most applications where the carburetor size is correct for the engine.

CAUTION: Do not make drastic emulsion size changes as you can significatly alter the air/fuel mixture ration and could cause damage to the engine. It is highly recommended that when experimenting with emulsion calibration you consult one of the many books available on carburetor modification and use one or more devices that montors air/fuel ratio throughout the operating RPM range.

Typical QFT 2-Circuit Billet Metering Block

Idle Feed


Emulsion Bleeds

Power Valve Channel


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