Quick Fuel Technology 30-1803 Billet Pressure Regulator User Manual

Quick Fuel Technology 30-1803 Billet Pressure Regulator User Manual

Installation Instructions

Billet Pressure Regulator Part No. 30-1803

Thank you for purchasing a Quick Fuel Technology billet pressure regulator. This regulator has superior flow to conventional die cast regulator.

Installation of this regulator is straight forward and does not require any special tools.

Regulated fuel out

Regulated fuel out

Fuel line from pump

The regulator body has a 1/8” NPT to accommodate your fuel pressure gage. In addition, there is a brass barb fitting with an O-Ring seal that can be used to change the fuel pressure for applications that uses boost pressure through the carburetor.

Your regulator is preset to 7 P.S.I. which is our recommend operating pressure. Deviating from this pressure can create a number of operation problems with the carburetor float control system. If it becomes necessary to change the fuel pressure it can be adjusted by loosening the lock nut, and turning the adjustment stem with an Allen Wrench. To raise the fuel pressure turn the stem counter-clockwise. To lower the pressure, turn the stem clockwise. After adjusting, tighten the locknut to prevent the adjustment stem from moving.

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